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Maxim Efimov has been granted political asylum in Estonia

Estonia has granted political asylum to a Russian journalist and human rights activist Maxim Efimov who fled abroad more than four months ago, fearing prosecution over his criticism of the Russian Orthodox Church. More...


Karelia is the best mafia and corrupt region of Russia

Interview with Maxim Efimov, chair of Youth Human Rights Group Karelia. More...


The former Soviet Gestapo prosecutes me!

Interview with the chairman of the Youth Human Rights Group of Karelia Mr. Maxim Efimov. More...


Investigators engaged in racketeering?

Many people are well aware that Russia is not a state respecting rule of law and human rights. It is the reason why any criticism of public authorities, including the Russian Orthodox Church, is perceived very painful, negative and inadequate. The Illegal prosecution me is a fresh example of this fact... More...


Why does the Karelian region Investigative Committee prosecute me?

Answer of Maxim Efimov, chair of Youth Human Rights Group Karelia, blogger, journalist. More...


Our Internet-TV news

Right to Liberty More...


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Russian visa to Dalai Lama

Youth Human Rights Group Karelia, a member of the international group “Human Rights in Tibet”, sent a letter to the President of the Russian Federation, urging Dmitry Medvedev to issue a visa to Dalai Lama. More...


Free the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo

Youth Human Rights Group Karelia gives moral support to Liu Xiaobo and all Chinese dissidents. More...


“The Role of NGOs in a Pluralist Democracy”

The chair of Youth Human Rights Group Karelia Maxim Efimov took part in the Fourth Regional NGO Congress on “The Role of NGOs in a Pluralist Democracy” 10-12 June 2010 – Vilnius, Lithuania organised by The Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe in co-operation with The Civil Defence Fund, Lithuania With the support of The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuania’s Chairmanship of the Community of Democracies, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, The Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs of the Council of Europe. More...


Stop the violence!

Two activists of Youth Human Rights Group took part in the International Training Course Petrosani, 4-13 martie 2010. The movie was created


STOP smoking in trains

Karelian department of the Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG) appealed to the President of the RF D.A. Medvedev, to the State Duma, and to the RF Ministry of Health with requirement to take steps to outright ban on smoking in trains. Unfortunately, Russia lags behind the entire civilized world in terms of disaccustoming people from such a harmful habit as smoking. A large number of Russian people smoke. Authorities’ efforts towards elimination of nicotine addiction are one-time and evidently ineffective. Effects of nicotine addiction on non-smokers are acutely manifested in trains. Some passengers manage to smoke every half an hour. They go out into the vestibule, but the smell seeps through the open doors, clothes of smokers and their breath getting into the carriage, where there are non-smokers. Young children, who have to breathe in the smoky air along with the others, are particularly affected. That can cause big threat to their health. Pregnant women and people with pulmonary diseases breathe the same poisoned air. Moreover, it is an ordeal even for healthy people, to which they are exposed by smokers with tacit approval of Russian Railways. Stupid soldiery and narrow-minded youth are the most avid smokers. Normal people become hostages of the others' bad habits. It’s impossible to bring smokers to justice. Degenerates sympathize with nobody, satisfying their smoking instincts. Smoker in a carriage is worse than a pedophile, because he debauches a child and cripples his health even more. Nobody wants to stink like a vagrant. However, it is impossible to avoid such a lot if you travel in a carriage with smokers. Train should temporarily become a comfortable little house on wheels, but by the efforts of smokers and Russian Railways’ condonation carriages have been transformed into some sort of gas chambers. It is monstrous! YHRG has already appealed to Russian Railways with requirement to ban smoking in trains, but no reply was received. Such tolerance towards smokers is a shame for our country. We encourage all structures concerning about the health of the nation to unite for the adoption of the law that bans smoking in trains. Or, at worst, to make separate carriages for smokers – let them poison themselves, but not the others!


Remembrance of the Night of 9 November Pogrom 1938

The 'Kristallnacht' pogrom on 9 November 1938, where hundreds of Jewish synagogues, homes and shops were attacked and burnt and numerous Jews were beaten up or even killed, is often seen as the symbolic beginning of the Shoah. The Nazi propaganda called the event cynically the 'Kristallnight' reducing an horrifying event to the broken glass in the shop windows. More...


The 30th of October is the Day of political prisoner

In the year 1974 the 30th of October was declared the Day of political prisoner in the USSR. According to the data of the human rights centre “Memorial” there are more than 800 people in Russia who were aggrieved (including children deprived of parental care). Stalinist and Soviet repressions are a sorrowful page of our history. People became imprisoned for anecdotes about authorities, critical comments about mottos “to live and to work like Lenin”, refusals to take part in voluntary Saturday works, spreading truthful information concerning the crimes of Soviet regime. This sorrowful page is not just a tribute to memory and history: there are political prisoners now as well. Cases against political activists, scientists, doctors, veterinarians, managers, religious people are falsifying. Legislative acts on terrorism and extremism is used not in order to fight against terrorists, but in order to follow and frighten “the unwanted”. Administrative and criminal law are used selectively, and in many cases guilty verdicts are planned before the process. Too cruel punishments even for really illegal acts of the authority opponents are dictated “from above”. Release on parole for “the unwanted” is not possible, as it is related to the confession of guilt and refusal to follow their beliefs. Prisoners suffer from illegal additional punishments. In most cases the punishment chosen for political and state activists is imprisonment, and it often lasts for months and years. In this day state activists, writers, human rights defenders want to call the authorities and the society for justice and humanism, rule of law and mercifulness. In the free and democratic country there cannot be any political prisoners. We call for helping political prisoners, who often need different kinds of support. Don’t forget the deeds and heroic helplessness of human rights movement veterans, former political prisoners, who defended the right to tell the truth. Honour the memory of political prisoners and think what we can do in order to prevent any further repressions.
Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group


Stop slavery in the Russian Army

On the 1st of October the autumn call-up campaign begins. The Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group appealed to the commander-in-chief of the Russian Federation with the demand to confirm the principle of voluntary service in the army of the Russian Federation, excluding any attempts to pull anybody to a military commissariat against his will. The modern system of army – today, in the time of nanotechnologies, - looks out of date. And this is just half of the trouble. The army continues destroying personality and mortifying human pride. Corporal punishment, violence, slavery are legitimized there. Military service leaves people who have passed the prison-like system with deep traumas. The experience of being involved into group aggression is never forgotten, and in many cases it is transferred into civil life. So we can explain nationalism, chauvinism, and xenophobia, which are typical for a large part of Russians. There is no civilized country where army is related to such social diseases as alcoholism, smoking, and violence, which takes different shapes. Children of businessmen or top-ranking officials avoid military service without any problems. Instead of surviving in the army atmosphere they make money, build their career, and become ministers. A lot of guys could just work, without dreaming about high positions, but gaining the necessary skills; create families and help their parents, having avoided army traumas. But the state leaves them no choice. Nobody can stand for these guys. Sometimes they go to army voluntarily, without any idea that their expectations, based on the lessons about patriotism at school, are very different from the reality. We demand the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian federation D.A. Medvedev not only abolish the exterritorial principle in army, but also make the military service voluntary. These two issues will allow parents and NGOs to control how recruits see their duty. Only later we hear the calls for help from army: the pleas to be saved from harassment of subordinates, exactions, hunger, tortures. The guys are even ready to become deserters. In the military unit ¹ 24776 young soldiers faced this situation. There can be guys from every part of the Russian Federation, and their parents must know that their children are under danger. But it is easier to prevent this situation than to solve it several months after. The Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group is ready to help the selectees who according to some reasons cannot or don’t want to serve in the army. The Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group


People in need (Czech Republic)

A leader of Youth Human Rights Group Maxim Efimov took part in a seminar organized by Czech human rights organization People in Need and interviewed Igor Blazević a director of "One World" film festival and a coordinator of human rights program in "People in need". More...


The leader of Youth Human Rights Group was attacked

Maxim Efimov, the chairman of Karelian regional branch of Youth Human Rights Group was attacked on Friday, 31 August 2009. The assault happened on the staircase by Maxim's flat. The assailant said, that he had a letter addressed to Maxim Efimov which had been mistakenly sent to him, and that he would like to give it to Maxim. When Maxim opened the door a man, approximately 30 years old , tried to poke Maxim in the eye with a sharp object and injured the soft tissues of the eye. The envelope contained two empty pages and had the address of the chairman of Karelian Jewish religious community Dmitrij Tsvibel on it. Prosecutor's office can't ascertain if the criminal case has been opened, and if it has under what article it falls. One of Maxims's own versions of what has happened is his antifascist activity. Maxim Efimov has been working closely with Jewish community in Petrozavodsk for more than 10 years. He was perhaps the first person in Karelia who aroused in mass media the problem of antisemetism. Maxim is a participant of the international school on Jewish Studies in Sefer Centre, and Holocaust history researcher, editor of antifascist and human rights journal "Zero Hour", he issued brochures "Essays on Modern Racism", "Alone with the diversity of the world. Stereotype, Xenophobia. Tolerance".
"I could be left without the eye. Someone wanted to make Kutuzov out of me. I rembember the assailant's face. It expressed malice and envy. I think he is not quite mentally healthy person who needs special threatment." - says Maxim Efimov.






Durban Review Conference 20-24 April 2009 More...


Earth Journalism Awards

Internews Announces Earth Journalism Awards on Opening Day of G8 Environment Ministers’ Meeting (April 22, 2009) The global media assistance organisation Internews today announced the creation of the Earth Journalism Awards for climate change reporting at a round table on communication at the G8 Environment Ministers’ Meeting in Siracusa, Italy. More...


In the Holy Fire of Revolution (UK premiere). The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

A unique take on Putin’s Russia as seen through the experiences of chess champion turned activist Garry Kasparov. Garry Kasparov has just been detained for hours at an airport on his way to a demonstration. Why? The chess master has started a second life, in politics. More...


The Shadow of the Past and the Hope for a better Future

Last Saturday, 14 February 2009, thousands of people followed the international call to take an active stand against Europe's biggest neo-nazi gathering in Dresden. More...



This collection of materials has been produced in August-September 2008 by a coalition of Russian NGOs for submission to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the course of preparation of Universal Periodic Review of implementation of international obligations by the Russian Federation in the UN Human Rights Council. The materials have been prepared in accordance with the Office of the HCHR guidelines and include recommendations and references to more detailed reports and publications. The coalition includes the following NGOs: SOVA Center for Information and Analysis, Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights, “Public Verdict” Foundation, “Memorial” Human Rights Center, Institute for Human Rights, Moscow Helsinki Group, Center for Social and Labor Rights, “Golos” Association, Glasnost Defense Foundation, Youth Human Rights Movement, Center “Demos,” “Social Partnership” Foundation, “Perspektiva,” “Civic Assistance to Refugees and Forced Migrants” Committee, and Interregional Committee Against Torture. More...


27 January is the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

Holocaust is genocide of Jews during World War II. For this day, Karelian regional department of Youth Human Rights Group prepared and placed on the Internet a film about Holocaust history. The film made by Karelian regional department of YHRG is based on materials of excursion in Holocaust History Museum by The Holocaust Memorial Synagogue on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow.
Activists of YHRG will also distribute issues of the "Zero Hour" antifascist newsletter in some schools of Petrosavodsk. The newsletter contains materials of educational character on the history of Holocaust and anti-Semitism, and political repression in the Soviet Union.
Karelian regional department of Youth Human Rights Group


Stop the biggest neo-nazi march in Europe! Come to Dresden on 14 February 2009

On 14 February 2009, right-wing extremists from all over Europe will once again gather for their annual 'mourning march' in Dresden (D) - UNITED and the local platform Geh Denken calls for your help to stop the largest meeting of the European right-wing extremist movement! More...


Statement to UN General Assembly condemns discrimination of LGBT people

On 18 December 2008, in New York, the UN General Assembly was presented with a statement endorsed by 66 states from around the world calling for an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The statement, read out by the UN Representative for Argentina Jorge Arguello, condemns violence, harassment, discrimination, exclusion, stigmatisation, and prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It also condemns killings and executions, torture, arbitrary arrest, and deprivation of economic, social, and cultural rights on those grounds. More...



If the statement is allowed to be issued, it will call out for de-criminalization of same-sex acts. The statement will also condemn all human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Although this statement will not be binding, we believe that it will be an important step to combat homophobia as well as discrimination and persecution based on sexual orientation and gender identity. More...


Vote for equality to bring UDHR ideals closer to reality

As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 60 this Wednesday, international think-tank The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) is warning that, in a global recession, governments worldwide must put equality at the centre of human rights legislation or risk creating more marginalised ‘sub-human’ peoples, such as the Roma in Europe and lower castes in South Asia. More...


International Conference in Nuremberg

In 20-22 November 2008, Youth Human Rights Group (Karelia) activist will take part in the International Conference in Nuremberg "Human Rights as an Answer to Historical and Current Injustice" . The conference will be held by the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" and the Nuremberg Human Rights Center . With this event, the organisers are providing a forum to discuss human rights issues today in the light of the injustices that led to the human rights declaration in 1948. They hope that this will spur on human rights education with a historical perspective.
The conference "Rights that make us human beings. Human rights as an answer to historical and current injustice" addresses experts from research and educational institutions and interested members of the public. Some conference events will be held at historic locations, such as the former courtroom of the Nuremberg Trials and the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds.
Even sixty years after the adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, these rights remain controversial. Countries attach different importance to individual universal rights and enforce these in different ways. Some rights, such as the right to physical integrity (ban on torture), are being called into question, and cartoons are taken as a reason to demand curbs on freedom of opinion and expression. The international conference aims to reach consensus on which of the experiences and arguments that shaped the development of human rights are especially relevant to the challenges that face us today.


Say NO to the war in DRC, your contribution can help thousands of victims

We need your support to save lives. Do whatever you may do to help congolese people to recover peace... United we can change the world! Read the small report and make it read. Consider yourself like a rescue worker who meet a child crying near his mother's corpse without a shelter,without food... without hope. What can be your temperature? What can you do? More...


We are in sorrow and anger

We are in deep sadness, because one of our friends has been a victim of the heterosexist hate and murdered once again. Transsexual Dilek İnce, who has been attacked with a shotgun on 10 November 2008, died on 11 November 2008. More...


9 November 2008 - 70 years after 'Kristallnacht' pogrom

Antisemitism tries to claim back the streets in Europe. The numbers of victims of fascist attacks has been growing dramatically in the recent years and NGOs in Europe state their concern about this development all over the continent. More...


Legalization of unisexual marriages

Maxim Efimov makes comments with reference to YHRG-Karelia in the Constitutional court. More...


Europe: A Continental Fight Against Hatred

Nations must take a harder line in combating crimes against ethnic and sexual minorities. More...


Stop war!

Karelian Regional Department of Youth Human Rights Group protests against the beginning of the war between Russia and Georgia. We reject armed conflict as a means of solving political problems, considering this rejection to be the position of any reasonable and humane person or nation. War implies the total abuse of human rights, profanation of human freedom, honor and dignity. War is an ordered manslaughter.
In the present situation we call on the leaders of the nations concerned
- to prevent new victims among civilians in South Ossetia and elsewhere in the conflict area;
- to prevent Russian armed intervention into Georgian territory beyond South Ossetia, which may cause great casualties both among Georgian civilians and military forces of the two nations;
- to prevent the further creation of illegal armed groups under disguise of volunteer troops in Russia, aimed at supporting South Ossetia;
- to prevent international isolation of Russia in case of deepening conflict;
- to prevent the proliferation of anti-Georgian, anti-Western, militaristic and xenophobic sentiment in Russia in case of deepening conflict;
- to prevent the arbitrary excess of executive power in Russia, which may perpetuate "Chekist and bureaucrat" absolutism in this nation;
- immediately to call for an authoritative international investigation that will elaborate an unbiased narrative of the actions of conflicting parties;
- to locate collective peace-keeping forces in South Ossetia to separate the combating parties;

We hope the war will end soon, the conflicting parties will start negotiating and peace will come in the Caucasus.


LGBT-conference in SPb

The chair of Youth Human Rights Group Maxim Efimov took part in the international conference of LGBT-organizations “Looking for the path in our strenghts” in St.Petersburg (12-15 of June). This conference was organized by RFSL, Sweden and united participants from Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and Russia. This project has been financed by The Nordic Council of Ministers. Please, see the interview with Jonas Hansson (RFSL, Sweden). Author: Maxim Efimov (Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group). 15.06.2008. St.Petersburg.


Family Code in this form violates the rights of homosexuals to conclude same-sex marriages, makes these marriages impossible.

Activists of Karelian Regional Department of the Youth Human Rights Group have filed a complaint to the Russian Federal Constitutional Court requesting the examination for unconstitutionality of the Paragraph 1 Article 12 of the RF Family Code about the requirements for conclusion of a marriage, and have demanded to withdraw this article. More...


Army to the Junk Heap of History

The first conscientious objector in the history of Karelia, who stood up in court to defend his right not to serve in the army as early as 1998, is being invited to a two-month’s military gathering, which differs from obligatory service only in name.
Maxim Efimov was the first to establish to the satisfaction of the court his right not to serve in the army according to his conscientious (personal) convictions, having gone through numerous court hearings and callings to the military registration and enlistment office or the Office of the Public Prosecutor. The military registration and enlistment office petitioned for initiation of the proceedings against Maxim Efimov, calling for a prison sentence, to incarcerate the twenty-year-old convinced pacifist. But all these prosecutions proved unsuccessful; they only pushed the conscript to further demand his rights. Today Maxim is a consistent opponent of the call-up (mandatory enlistment? Call-up seems unclear and informal) system, an active participant in the international peace movement, head of Youth Human Rights Group” and a post-graduate student. The military registration and enlistment office intends to dictate its will again, to impose duties that collide with his personal rights. M. Efimov is still going to stand up for his right not to serve in the army by any means, on any account.
“The army has completely decayed and is dangerous for the society! I believe that the refusal of military service is civic duty, while support for the army is connivance and tacit consent to the army corruption, violence, drunkenness and criminality in military units. If I wanted to commit suicide I would choose a much faster way than military service. To my mind the army has never solved problems but only created them. As a matter of principle, the army is an anomaly. It shouldn’t exist. The presence of the army shows that mankind has reached a complete deadlock in its development and in this form it must be eliminated!” - says Maxim Efimov.

Karelian department of “Youth Human Rights Group”


Stop smoking everywhere

Karelian Regional Department of „Youth Human Rights Group” has addressed the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin and the Ppresident of Russian Railways company Vladimir Yakunin with the demand to prohibid smoking on the trains and to take strong measures referring violators even up to imposing large fines and putting off the train. More...


„Soberly about Drinking”

Karelian Regional Department of „Youth Human Rights Group” has issued the brochure „Soberly about Drinking” . The brochure is intended to resist involvement of the youth in consuming alcohol and to promote sober way of life. The authors of the brochure are a doctor of a drug and alcohol abuse clinic, a journalist, a businessman, a philosopher, public figures, a boat craftsman. “The people of our country, the youth among them, easily drink poison such as vodka und beer. Availability of the poison and lack of serious measures to prevent alcohol abuse has lead to the state when alcohol abuse has become not only the result, but the reason of many social problems. I will consider the intention to be successful , when it helps at least one young person to refuse alcohol once and for all !”, - says the chairman of YHRG Maxim Efimov. The brochure will be sent to all libraries of Karelia and to all Petrozavodsk schools, colleges and universities . The presentation of the brochure will be held for students, teachers and parents in Petrozawodsk schools and colleges. The brochure is financially supported by the city budget and private donators. Number of copies is 999. Spread free. On-line version is available in Russian here:


15 - 23 March 2008: European-wide Action Week Against Racism

Colour Your Picture: Stop Racism, Value Diversity, Promote Solidarity! Racism, discrimination and intolerance are rising all around Europe today, while the constant threat that migrants and minorities are facing is often trivialised or ignored by the political authorities. In 21st century there are still people suffering because they look, feel, act or believe "differently". More...


Monitoring of discrimination of sexual minority started in Karelia

«Youth human rights group» is invited to take part in joint project of Russian LGBT-Net and Moscow Helsinki Group “Monitoring of discrimination of the basis of sexual orientation and sexual identity in Russia”.
The subject of the monitoring is:
- the legislative discrimination of sexual minority in Russia;
- the discrimination of sexual minority and instigation to such discrimination from the direction of public agency and public-service institutions (including religious associations), mass media;
- the state reaction on the demonstration of sexual minority discrimination;
- discriminatory attitude toward sexual minority in law-enforcement practice of the government.
Further to project it is also planning to issue a brochure about homophobia; to interview high-ranking officials, well-known writers, scientists, lawyers about the problem of homophobia.
Watch video. More...


Our Internet-TV

Please, visit our another web-sites to watch our movies. The "symbol of Dresden" and right-wing extremists. Destruction of Dresden and nazi propaganda. Housing policy and migrants in France. President of France Nikolas Sarkozy. Ethnic riots. Historical symbols and identity. Indirect discrimination. More...


European University Interdepartmental Center “Petersburg Judaica” is sealed off together with the University.

On February 8, following the order of fire inspectorate, the European University at St. Petersburg (henceforth, EUSP ) had to suspend its activity; many rooms in the building were sealed off, including the office and the classroom of the Interdepartmental Center “Petersburg Judaica.” On February 18, the court dismissed the appeal of the European University, leaving in force its prior decision on the suspension of EUSP activity. Measures undertaken in order to eliminate fire-safety violations were considered insufficient for the resuming of studies process. More detailed information on the current situation at the EUSP may be found at: More...


Remembrance as a commitment for peace, democracy and human rights.

The chair of "Youth human rights group" Maxim Efimov will take part in 2nd International Conference Remembrance as a commitment for peace, democracy and human rights. Dresden – Place of remembrance, place of meeting, place of education. 8-11 February 2008. Dresden, Germany. More...


Internet-journalism for the sake of the real Liberty

The leader of "Youth human rights group" Maxim Efimov will take part in training TOL on Internet-journalism, which will be in Prague (the Chech Republic) from January 27 to February 6. Training must help the development such internet-project of YHRG as "Internet-TV", "site YHRG", "YHRG`s blog" and to assist independence and democratizations mass-media in Karelia. 20 Russian journalists will take part in training course. Leadinging training will be the teachers from american university, czech journalists. It is enclosed in program a visit to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty/. More...


Blog, livejournal, site

To know more about the Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group, please, visit our other sources. Videos, films, more photos from YHRG.


The roots of evil

A video about Holocaust and causes of national hatred filmed by a Karelian TV film-crew with Karelian Branch of "Youth Human Rights Group" participation. A ex-prisoner of concentration camp "Ravensbruck" M.T. Kravchenko, psychotherapist-conflictologist V.M. Berstein and YHRG activists take part in the film. The video:


Rashid Muradovich Kaplanov Has Died

I have my deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of Rashid Muradovich. His death is an irretrievable loss and heartache. I grieve along with all those who knew Rashid Muradovich. I will remember him as an intelligent, erudite, cheerful, witty, generous man. Prince Kaplanov was exactly like that. Infinitely sad, Maxim Efimov.


Russian police government has demonstrated to the whole world disrespect for human rights

The Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group condemns that police broke up “The Dissenters’ March” in ST. Petersburg. The authorities’ actions are inadequate; they obviously do not correspond to the threat of peaceful march of common Russian citizens. Violence against demonstrators can’t be allowed and testifies that the government is painfully sensitive to any kind of criticism and to demands of the people for responsible approach to decision –making, for fighting against corruption and freedoms restriction, demands to overcome poverty. Chekist government has never respected a person, has always suppressed any critical remarks. The break – up of “The Dissenters’ March” proves that it is much easier for the authorities to frighten, isolate, and get rid of their opponents or just critically thinking citizens than to solve a problem, to negotiate taking into consideration demands of people who strive for control over government and its’ transparency, for real democracy, not a bureaucratic dictatorship. Russian police government has demonstrated to the whole world disrespect for human rights and a huge gap between the people and the government, a monologue character of its’ home policy. The present day government is deficient, morally bankrupt and criminal. Not being able to withstand criticism, it behaves like a despot, playing ñitizens against each other. In existing conditions of low civic activity, ailing economy, absence of efficient human rights defence institutes and political discussions, one can say that Russia has fallen behind European civilization. Russia has taken the course for Asian way of management and production and is not going to turn off this pathway.


Romanian Roma organisations call for Commissioner Frattini to step down

Excerpts: On November 3, Mr Frattini, Italian Commissioner for Justice and Civil Liberties declared: "What has to be done is simple. Go into a nomad camp in Rome for example, and ask them: "Can you tell me where you live?" If they say they do not know, take them and send them home to Romania. That is how the European directive works. It is simple and safe. Romania cannot say they will not take them back, because it is an obligation that is part of being a member state of the EU." He also urged Italy to pull down the camps to prevent any Romanians from returning. At best, this declaration is stupid, as the Commissioner implies that Romania should receive anybody who does not know where he or she resides. Coming from a Commissioner charged with fighting for the civil liberties of European citizens, it is simply unacceptable. Frattini seems to forget that he is not paid by the Italian extreme right or Berlusconi but by the European Commission, an organisation which promotes (at least on paper) "respect for human rights", "tolerance" and "unity through diversity". If the Commissioner can¹t do his job better resign or keep quiet as he successfully did it up to this point. Full article is available at A online protest is available at Valeriu Nicolae, Executive Director European Roma Grassroots Organisation. Strada Rezonantei Nr.1-3 Bl 15-16 Sc A Ap 3 Sector 4 Bucuresti Romania. Tel : (004) 0742379657 or 0727708788


The day against fascism and Anti-Semitism

Karelian Regional Branch of Youth Human Rights Group held a series of activities devoted to the Night of Broken Crystals . On November, 9, the film “the History of Holocaust” was screened at Karelian State Pedagogical University; the activists also carried out a presentation of the book “Keep my Letters”, a collection of Jews’ letters and diaries written during th Second World War, the book was published within the series “Russian Library of Holocaust”; made a photo display telling about life of Jews during the war; gave lectures on Jews genocide history; distributed the posters of JHRG’s European partner “United”.
The day before, a film, the prize winner of the short film contest "Gestures of Reconciliation", organized by the Goethe-Institut and the "Remembrance and Future" fund, was also screened at KSPU. The students were the first in Karelia who saw it.



The largest pan-European network against intolerance commemorates the night of Broken Crystals to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and speak up about the danger of hatred in the European present days, where according to several reports, new and old forms of Antisemitism and related intolerance are growing.

The 9th of November 1938 marked the first step of the extermination of European Jewish citizens. More than 2500 deaths are attributable to this pogrom. Hundreds of Jewish citizens were beaten to death and 30 000 were deported to concentration camps.

Right-wing extremism is an increasing force in the entire continent, hate crimes against vulnerable people are turning into a permanent and invisible Night of Broken Crystals. Official and unofficial reports show that the number of hate crimes has been growing enormously during the last years. According to the European Crime and Safety Survey of the Fundamental Rights Agency, 9 million people have experienced some form of hate crimes in 18 European countries in 2004. Extreme right political parties gain influence and are elected into democratic institutions.

According to reports of the Anti-Defamation League, a large number of Europeans express anti-Jewish attitudes and refer to the classical conspiracy theories that Jewish had to endure through the centuries. It seems that lessons of the past are not painful enough to avoid intolerance in the present.

Activists from all around Europe, from Russia to Spain and from Italy to Finland, will prepare hundred of activities to warn about the danger of repeating the darkest hours of European history.


The international day of peace

On September, 21 – the international day of peace. We, participants of the international movement «Youth choose for peace», we think that peace all over the world can be reached. On the Earth is accumulated so much the nuclear weapon which is capable to destroy all of us several times. We address to the chapters of the states having the nuclear weapon, with the requirement to unit effort for it full recycling and the termination of development in military area, prohibitions of creation of the new weapon.


Help Ilot!

Youth Human Rights Groups has addressed in the Russian embassy in Congo with the request to give out the visa to our colleague on the international movement "Youth choose for peace" Ilot Mutaka. Recently in his village war began, and it has been compelled to run to Uganda where has received wound in a hand. Besides Ilot knows nothing about destiny of the family. YHRG has offered Ilot and to his relatives shelter in Russia. We have written to president Putin the letter with the request to give the plane for transportation of Congo`s refugees into Russia.


War in Kongo

Our friend Ilot from Congo is a victim of war. Read his e-mail.
"Dear brothers and sisters! I inform you that i arrived in rutshuru my village on thursday 29 unfortunately that day the war began and at omce i moved to uganda where i am staying as refugee. I do not have any news about my mother and the rest of the femily.The life here is very harsh and i do not have hope to the future beause i don't know what will be tomorrow. I need your prayers.For more informations about Rutshuru visit: Your friend ILOT"


Mother Country Devours Her Children

An open letter to Defense Minister of Russian Federation is connected with Sergei Sinkonen`s murder in army. More...


Romany in Karelia

Watch movie made by Youth Human Rights Group about Romany in Karelia. More...



Exchange has such a great importance in our life! Including the exchange of thoughts, experience, ideas, knowledge, culture exchange, and finally, youth exchange! It is the hope that every new generation will bring continued evolution and change the world order for the better. These youth exchanges help us to learn more about others and yourself. The atmosphere in the village was friendly and full of fun. For me, the youth from various countries were an example of ideal world model, the world that has no borders, armies and governments. That was a united world model. We lived apart, being a state within a state. Or more precisely, being a noosphere without rulers.
In Mesen, I experienced a deep admiration for a starry sky. The stars drew me towards them, away from the earth and its everyday violence and irretrievable conflicts. Their unearthy beauty streamed into my soul, pacifying and exalting it. In this place on the planet, I felt what a real, desired peace is. That was a great enlightenment.
European experience is extremely important for the Russian youth. A European won’t put up with stupid inconveniences, he/ she will complain immediately and will strive for the problems to be solved. The relations between people are based on the principle of unity and autonomy. I am a person, as well as a member of society. The sound collectivism genius reigns here. The principle of complete openness is maintained here! The European tell what they think, freely explain what they don’t agree with and make authorities hear their demands.
There were plenty of result by the end of the meeting, but the main result is that all the participants decided “No” to the armed conflicts, racism, xenophobia, human rights violations.

Maxim Efimov,
leader of the Karelian branch of “Youth Human Rights Group”


Jewish cemetery

Active workers of "Youth Human rights Groups" together with representatives of the Jewish community have painted over anti-Semitic inscriptions and swastika on an arch of a city Jewish cemetery of Petrozavodsk. "Cemeteries, care of tombs - a part of culture of any people. Acts of vandalism on cemeteries, their destruction is a challenge to culture. Someone in Petrozavodsk persistently shows, that Jews do not have a place in their society, in their mind", - Maxim Efimov speaks, the participant of the action, chairman of YHRG. According to the press-service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Petrozavodsk only for last three months by Office of Public Prosecutor of city it has been raised three criminals has put on the fact of defilement of the Jewish cemetery.



With acts of vandalism in Russia you will surprise nobody. People live this environment, it create. However that active workers of the “Youth human rights group” in the Karelian city of Sortavala amazes. The old Finnish cemetery (before war Sortavala was the Finnish city) is profaned repeatedly and monstrous image. “Ornamented” by a swastika and offensive inscriptions of a gravestone, many of which are broken and fallen down and there is a Finnish cemetery today. It is transformed into a dump. Everywhere the household dust, beer and vodka bottles here lays. Unique in Karelia unique for region the family crypt ostensibly protected by the state, is in a stage of active destruction. The attitude of the Karelian citizens and to city as a whole and to the Finnish cemetery in particular reminds the Karelian authority the attitude of invaders to the grasped territory.


The Near-East is near my heart

The leader of the Youth Human Rights Group Maxim Efimov was a participant of Sefer summer school in Moscow (11 - 17 July). "The most valuable for me in such schools is an acquaintance to teachers which bear in itself a chasm of knowledge. For a long time i have the greatest respect for knowledge and the learning, the written word. Such respect was peculiar to all Near-Eastern civilization, in fact to be engaged in a science most difficultly! I love the Near East - a cradle of mankind, an inexhaustible source of knowledge and wisdom", - said Maxim Efimov.


Golden youth

The head of the Youth Human Rights Group Maxim Efimov is going to the Belgium – world diamond capital and the capital of youth peacemaking initiatives to take part in preparation of the summer exchange in partnership with Pax Christi Flanders (U Move 4 Peace) (Belgium), Youth art center Grozny (Russia), Con-Young-tion (The Netherlands), Perex-C (RD Congo), Centre Jeunes Kamenge (Burundi), Baladna Youth (Israel), Reut Sadaka (Israel).



Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL), Chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (U.S. Helsinki Commission) and Co-Chairman Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD), sent the following letter to Russian President Vladimir V. Putin, raising serious concerns about state efforts to limit media freedom in Russia. The letter sites professional and legal dangers associated with Russia’s media industry and the failure of the Putin government to allow the news to be reported accurately. According to independent news reports, 13 journalists have been killed in Russia since 2000 and only three individuals have faced charges in connection with these killings, where no convictions have been made. More...


International Refugee Day

More than 8.800 dead refugees at Europe¹s border: death by policy. On the 20th of June, UNITED for Intercultural Action - the largest pan European network against racism, fascism, nationalism and in support of refugees and migrants ­ celebrates the International Refugee Day, along with its over 550 supporting organisations all over Europe, by denouncing the deadly consequences of "Fortress Europe". Also in 2007, UNITED as a network gets active coordinating and supporting all the organisations which, all over Europe, are raising awareness about the ongoing tragedy at European borders. More...


Sexual orientation is not a choice

Is homosexuality a question of nature or nurture? Are we born with our sexual orientation or do we become gay, lesbian, bisexual depending on our experiences, on education or influences? Several researchers have tried to find an explanation for homosexuality. For example, numerous studies have been conducted on this subject. Different theories have been put forward although there’s no general opinion. Regardless of such theories, we say for sure there is agreement on the facts that people cannot choose their sexual orientation.


The Great and the Miserable

The death of B.N. Yeltsin was a pain to my heart. He was an oxymoron person, built of the opposites. My first article about him in January 1992 was entitled “Boris Yeltsin. An Antinomy Portrait”. My attitude towards him was also antinomical, a combination of admiration and despise, sympathy and antipathy. More...


Mstislav Rostropovich’s death

The sad news about Mstislav Rostropovich’s death brought tears to many eyes. The connection with great people of the XX century has been ripped off with his departure. He was the last of the Mohicans of the XX century, a symbol of hope, humanity, and geniality that has been with us despite of distance and borders. He has never compromised in music, friendship, and love. We will not forget the voice of his cello and the compassion of his heart.


Shalom! - Hola!

I am glad to tell you that during my visit to Madrid, Spain, on 10-16 April I had the opportunity to be hosted by and to meet the members of local Jewish community. More...


"UNITED against Intolerance"

The leader of the YHRG Maxim Efimov is a delegate to the UNITED conference "UNITED against Intolerance" in Madrid (E)10-15 April 2007, Madrid (E). He w


Maxim Efimov is visiting a museum of Holocaust in Jerusalem

The chairman of the "Youth human rights group" Maxim Efimov is invited to Israel by the Moscow center "Holocaust" and the Israelitic institute "Yad Vashem" for training in "Yad Vashem" 18 - 30 March, 2007 Is planned to make a film about this trip which will be shown to the Karelian schoolboys. "Yad Vashem" ("eternal memory") - the national memorial opened in 1953 as a token of eternal grief. It immortalizes memory of 6 million the Jews who have lost in the Second world war ".


Open statement by the RCFS on the decision taken by the Russian Supreme Court to liquidate it

On 23 January 2007 the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation upheld the decision of the Regional Court of the Russian Federation to liquidate our organization, the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society.


We remember!

The Day of Remembrance for Jewish victims of the Holocaust and heroes of the Resistance!


Roma people were beaten of militia!

Today a chair of the local Roma community Olga Martynova appealed to the “Youth Human Rights Group”. She told us about an incident took place in Petrozavodsk at 17 of December. At 4 o`clock p.m. Roma people began to celebrate their holiday. After two hours their neighbour, former militiaman, sprayed a tear-gas in a room where were Roma. Everybody should leave the room. As a result of gas effect 6-years old child suffered seriously. Roma tried to call to militia, but militia refused to come. Former militiaman used his connections in militia called his colleagues. They came immediately. Militiamen started to beat Roma unmercifully, to beat them on the heads with a butt, to drag along the ground and to outrage Roma people. In numbers of victims men and women – disabled persons and persons with heart diseases. Some of them witnessed the beatings and lodged a complaint to the prosecutor for human rights defense. Roma people were revolted of militia violence. They doubt of the objectivity and the justice of an investigation, so long as such cruel things took place with this minority group, but a lot of complaints remained without any attention. We appeal to the new minister of internal affairs Aljoshin with the request to investigate this incident and to prevent such things in the future.


Ability to accept differences

The 16th of November is the international Day of Tolerance. On this day «Youth Human Right Group (YHRG)» will conduct topical discussions at schools of Petrozavodsk on the theme: «Tolerance. What is it about?».


Who, if not we? Where, if not here? When, if not now?

The 9th of November is the international day against fascism and anti-Semitism. On this day, on the previous and on the following days YHRG usually conducts lections, seminars on the theme «Lessons of Holocaust is the Way to Tolerance and Civil Activity».


Stop Fascism!

9 November - International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism. Activists in 41 European countries protest against fascism and antisemitism and commemorate the 'Kristallnacht'-pogroms.


Call for support against extreme-right and neo-fascist manifestations in Russia

On the Nov.4 in Moscow and in several other Russian towns massive demonstrations are planned by extreme right and neo-fascist groups under the slogans against illegal immigration and struggle for "the rights of native population".


We are against slavery and manslaughter

Open letter to the President of Finland Mrs Tarja Halonen


Investigaive Journalist Anna Politkovskaya Murdered



The flag of the “Youth Human Rights Group”

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” now has an own flag. Except heraldic signs another spread sign language is promissory notes or simply flags.


“Motherland devours her children”

In connection with this tragic case and thousands similar cases Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” addresses an open letter to the deputies of the State Duma, members of the public chamber and personally to the President with a petition to make 8th of June the black day of the Russian calendar, the day of the yearly mourning, name it “The Day of Bullying”.


A good chance for youth to earn some money

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” invites karelian young people to go to the Pryazhenskii district to pick up berries and mushrooms. It is a good chance to earn some money in the last days of summer vacation, to help parents and yourselves enrich family budget. Dwelling in Kolatsel’ga village. The three-time nourishment. The dwelling and nourishment cost is 150 rubles per day. It will be deducted from the gain and will not be more than 30% of it. There will be reading & literature and discussions on human rights in the spare time. Those who wish are waited on organizational meeting that will take place on Friday, 4th of august at 12 o’clock in the Kirova street, 57.



The hearing will examine ways the U.S. Government can live up to its commitment to promote human rights and democratic governance in Russia while preserving a relationship with Moscow that advances U.S. interests and is conducive to resolving issues of importance to both nations and the international community.


Tortures in Karelian prisons!

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” sharply condemns putting Karelian prisons’ convicts to tortures. Soviet’s punitive practice of maximum punishment for prisoner instead of his correction must be eliminated. Tripped up person who is kept in inhuman conditions turns into a beast.


The post of ombudsman in Karelia stays vacant

From the recent times the post of ombudsman in Karelia stays vacant despite the fact that control over observance of human rights in any of open societies is one of priority work directions for civil society and government.


A summer school in Dnepropetrovsk

The leader of Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” Maxim Efimov is going to take part in a summer school in Dnepropetrovsk (from 3 to 9 of July), that is a large city with the Jewish pales earlier called Ekaterinoslav. The school is thematic and implies a weekly educational program about history, culture and art of East European Jews. The school has been organized by “Sepher” center jointly with the East-Ukraine Branch of the Solomonov International University in Khar’kov.


Soaring in the “Creative flight”

From 19 to 23 of June on the base of the secondary school ¹7 in Petrozavodsk the “Youth Human Rights Group” arranges a summer school for teenagers from Solomennoe micro district.
During 5 days students of 8,9,10 classes will take part in role games, collective creative activity, trainings, watching and discussing movies, discussions, sport games, creative contests, project creation, holding thematic conversation lessons.


Our new DVD-discs

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” in the context of the project about preventive measures against xenophobe, anti-Semitism, nationalism and with the purpose of tolerance education of the youth is realizing two DVD-discs



On the 20 of June - the INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE DAY - UNITED for Intercultural Action (the largest pan-European network against racism, fascism, nationalism and in support of refugees and migrants) with its over 550 supporting organisations all over Europe, raises its voice against the deadly consequences of 'Fortress Europe' by co-ordinating and supporting all organisations active in the name and for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe.


For rights of Lesbians, gays, AC-DC and transsexuals

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” addresses to the President of the Russian Federation V.Putin an open letter in which we condemn a flash of violence and dispersal of the orderly demonstration for rights of Lesbians, gays, AC-DC and transsexuals that took place in Moscow on the 27th of May.


judge’s intellect

Not long ago the city court of Karelian republic in Petrozavodsk made a decision in favour of M.Efimov and D.Loschinin who had taken part in the action for revocation of calling-up, resignation of the Minister of Defense S.Ivanov and struggle against crimes in the army.


Stop alcoholization and smoking.

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” appeals to Karelian youth for complete rejection of smoking and drinking alcohol including beer.


Against murders in Army

In the course of the action for resignation of the Minister of Defense S.Ivanov that had taken place in Petrozavodsk there have been collected more than two thousands signatures that had been sent to the Kremlin.


“The Koran and Tolerance” and “Solving Social Problems in the Light of Islamic Beliefs”

The Karelian branch of the YHRG together with the KRPO Islamic Education and Spiritual Management of Karelian Muslims invite everyone to the presentation of DVD-disk with records of speeches by Visam Ali Bardvilla, Karelian mufti devoted to the issues “The Koran and Tolerance” and “Solving Social Problems in the Light of Islamic Beliefs”.



Graduated fighter against xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

On the 14th of May in the conference hall of “Kosmos” hotel in Moscow took place a presentation of the awards to the winners of the regional press contest “Without discord and enmity”. The nomination “Against xenophobia and anti-Semitism” was won by the leader of the “Youth Human Rights Group”, the editor-in-chief of the youth anti-fascist newspaper in Karelia Maxim Efimov. He received a diploma from plenipotentiary of human rights in the Russian Federation V.P.Lykin signed by V.P.Lykin, the chairman of “Moscow Helsinki group” L.M.Alekseeva and the editor-in-chief of the “Journalism and media-market” magazine D.S.Avraamov. Maxim Efimov also receives a testimonial at the rate of 15 000 rubles. This money will be spent on the current activity of the organization.


Pressure the soldier

Less than a month remains until demobilization of our countryman who is serving in Dagestan, Evgenii Simonov who announced about bullying in his unit last year in July. Since then lasts investigation of criminal cases and legal proceedings according to the cases of assault, humiliation, threatening E.Simonov by his colleagues and inactivity of unit’s commanders.


Statement of the “Youth Human Rights Group” against police ineffective Russian state and structuring of vertical power!

We protest against political structure of our state as we consider it ineffective, unprofitable and anti-national. Tenacity of exaggerated bureaucracy, corruption, that has stricken all levels of the system, and monopoly to power make us appeal to people to regain consciousness, look with open eyes at the existent horror and say firm “NO” to the total system of police state.


“Interethnic relations in Karelia and Russia”

On the 19th of May at 4 o’clock p.m. in the Republic center of national cultures (Lenina avenue, 2) Karelian department of the “Youth remedial group” jointly with Jewish and Moslem communes, KROO “Islam enlightenment” is holding a round-table discussion on topic: “Interethnic relations in Karelia and Russia”.


We strongly demands on banning any advertisement of cigarettes and alcohol!

The open letter to the major of Petrozavodsk V.N. Maslyakov.


Democracy-whose choice?

In April when the leader of “The youth human rights group” Maxim Efimov came to our school ¹9 to tell us about nationalism problems in Russia, I came across a small book quite by chance. (“Democracy- my choice”). This book is a collection of articles, different points of view about democracy in Russia.



Traffic in Petrozavodsk

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” is indignant at the decision of the “Trolleybus administration” about cutting down duration of trolleybuses’ traffic in Petrozavodsk.


Putin Must Influence the Deputies

On 7 April signatures against abolishing deferments of military service were gathered in Petrozavodsk. This action was initiated by The Youth Human Rights Group. They have managed to gather approximately one thousand signatures that will be sent to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.



“Novgorod the Great and Russian North”

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” has issued a book of the best friend of Karelian democratic youth, Doctor of philosophical Science, honored worker of science in the Russian Federation, poet Yuri Vladimirovich Linnik “Novgorod the Great and Russian North”.


More than 2 thousand signatures

During the action for S. Ivanov, the Russian Minister of Defense resignation, held in Petrozavodsk, we managed to collect more than 2 thousand signatures, which were later sent to the Kremlin. The signed up are the people of different religious and political beliefs, students, teachers, pupils, doctors, public men, military people.



The memory and the future

In April 2005 the Fund “The memory and the future”(FRG) supported a project of the Karelian branch of “Youth human rights group” (YHRG)- “regulation of democratic educational work and work with the Karelian youth” that is supposed to serve for understanding between nations, assistance in social justice, and reminding of the danger of totalitarian systems and tyranny. 5000 euros was singled out for these aims.



Opinion poll: Who if not we?

On the Eve of the Day of human rights - on the 10th of December activists of Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group held an opinion poll. 150 people of different social backgrounds and of different age took part in it. They answered questions on the theme “Do we know our rights?” The aim of the poll was to find out citizens’ points of view about the questions that are linked to the problem of human rights violation, assessing the level of the knowledge of the theme.


6 258 673: Crystal lives (action devoted to the Holocaust victims)

On the 9th of November, 2005 the central part of Petrozavodsk was agitated by the action, that was held by Karelian branch of “Youth Human Rights Group”. Participants, with photos of famous Jews (I. Levitan, I. Brodskiy, S. Marshak, F. Mendelson) on their backs, gathered together on the Student Avenue with the slogan “No racism in Karelia”.


Action in Petrozavodsk against fascism, racism and anti-Semitism

The Karelian branch of the Youth Human Right Group and The Youth Antifascism Center (YAC) organized the action against “everyday racism” on the 9th of November. The action was timed to the International Day Against Fascism, Racism and Anti-Semitism. The main object of the action was to attract attention of the townspeople to such dangerous problem as the problem of dissemination of the Fascism Ideology all over the World, and particularly in Russia. The Youth Human Right Group decided to remonstrance against this terrible trend. They wanted to make an appeal to society to be more tolerant and solidarity.



A decision of the public prosecutor is not a law: the mariner who informed us about non-authorized treatment towards him is still not sent to another military unit, where we could not guarantee his safety either.

Situation with the criminal case of Eugeny Simonov is getting more serious. Unfortunately, the visit of the two representatives of the mayoralty has not improved (more likely, the other way around, has worsened) life of the soldier who dared to promulgate the facts of not authorized behavior in the military unit 2372, Kaspyisk city and who decided to confront the criminal military system alone.



New details of the action of the “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)” “Save the soldier from torture”

There are some improvements in the action of proceeding of beating Simonov E., the soldier recruited from Karelia. On the 15th of August Military Office of Public Prosecutor of the boundary body and the boundary troops of FSB in Dagestan republic making investigation has proved the fact of not following the military regulations in the commandant’s company of the military unit 2372.



The appeal to Mr. Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, with the request to save the soldier from tortures.

Realizing the all-Russia action “Save the soldier from tortures” Karelian Department of the “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)” invokes all the citizens to send their letters with the demand of immediate cessation of the tortures and an urgent investigation into the facts of not following the military regulations in cases of treatment to Eugeniy Vladimirovich Simonov in the commandant’s company of the military unit 2372, Kaspiysk city on the name of the president of the Russian Federation and the Chief Military Office of Public Prosecutor of RF.



“Youth Human Rights Group” fears for the life of the soldier.

Despite of starting a criminal case and recognition of the fact of not authorized behavior in the commandant’s company of the military unit 2372, where our fellow countryman Simonov E., who has became a victim of not authorized behavior, serves, The Karelian Regional Department of the “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG) expresses fear for the life of the soldier. The matter is that Simonov is still staying with those who beat and scoffed at him.



A New Vietnam Victim of Petersburg Skinheads

The northern capital witnessed a new great murder. Last Wednesday night a 20-year-old Vietnamese was beaten to death by a teenage gang in Petrogradsky district. It happened between 10 and 11 PM in the public garden in the junction of ulitsa Rentgena and Ploschad Lva Tolstogo. A gang of about 16-18 teenagers clothed in black violently assaulted the young man. They beat him and stabbed him with knives causing him to die on the spot. Yesterday at about 9 AM police officers apprehended 15 teenagers whose guilt is now being investigated. The police say the main challenge now is to identify the range of people who could be at the scene of the murder or in immediate proximity when the crime was committed.



The Brownshirts Unite

Moscow Human Rights Bureau has sent letters to the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation concerning the fifth congress of National-Imperial Party of Russia, which was denied legitimate registration in 2003, taking place in Moscow, where xenophobic and nationalist rhetoric was once again to be heard. Radical nationalists from abroad also participated in the congress.



The action in August 2005 "Save the soldier from torture"

The action in August 2005 "Save the soldier from torture" Karelian Regional Department of the "Youth Human Rights Group" declares an urgent action to save the soldier of the regular military service who suffers torture, assault and humiliation in Dagestan in the military unit number 2372. The commander forbids the soldier to see his mother. The soldier has been punished with the second day of an order because an attendant lacked a candy.



NIPR welcomes an American racist

The cooperation of Russian and foreign national extremists, which had seemingly died down in the late 1990-s is being revived in last years. From Russian side it is initiated by the National imperial party, which had been denied registration in Russian Ministry of Justice, and particularly the party’s leaders A. Sevostianov and S. Terekhov. Not being content with their contacts with German neo-nazi, they are trying to find allies among the USA racists. In this connection we come across the figure of David Duke.



Let’s clean Petrozavodsk off xenophobic graffiti

On the 28th of July the activists of the Karelian Department of the “Youth Human Right Group” (YHRG) tackled to painting over the xenophobic inscriptions which caused any sane person to protest and do something over disappearing of the graffiti. It were anti-Semitist and nationalistic inscriptions witch appear again and again. “Our Jewish Community wants to thank your organization and personally you, Maxim. It is very important for us that the problem is being solved not only by The Community but also you. Actually, as J.P. Sartre said: “Anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem but a problem of ours”. – commented D. Tsvibel, the head of a Jewish religious community of Petrozavodsk.



The Letter of protest of Karelian antifascists achieved the Chancellor of Germany

On the 25th of July activists of the Karelian regional department of “The Youth Human’s Rights Group” (YHRG) and the Youth Antifascist Center at the Museum of Memoriam of victims of fascism in honor of Maximillian Kolbe (YAC) addressed the ambassador of Germany in Russia with the letter of protest against the international march of neo-fascists that was to take place on the 20-th of August in Wunsiedel.



A boycott is declared to the soldier and the total shadowing the soldier is established

Aunt of the soldier applies to the Office of Public Prosecutor of Kaspysk city concerning the violation of her nephew’s right by commanders of the military unit 2372 almost every day. Disregarding the law the victim, Simonov E., hasn’t been relocated to another military unit. There is an escalation of the hate towards him trying to fight for his right. All the soldiers are forbidden to talk to him not to be beaten. A commander’s assistant of the costal base has announced: “all the meetings with the soldier are forbidden by the commander of the unit”.



“ICHAX” against xenophobia, for tolerance!

On the 30th of August at the Museum of the Memory of the victims of fascism of a name of M. Kolbe was opened the informative center of Holocaust, anti-Semitism and xenophobia attached to branch of Jew’s Cultural Center in Petrozavodsk. You can find reliable information of the Holocaust history, anti-Semitism’s and xenophobia’s appearances all over the world, in Russia and Republic of Karelia in the Informative Center. The Center collaborates with local authorities, the Youth Anti-fascist Center, Karelian Department of the “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)” and with other defending human rights organizations. Then, The Center has the educational activities that aimed at forming the tolerant consciousness, particularly among the youth. At the presentation of the Center the First Secretary of the Israel Embassy in Russian Federation, the Head of the Israel representation in St. Petersburg – Marat Boguslavsky participated, and also the chairman of state committee of Republic of Karelia of national policy – Eugenie Shorohov took part. The head of the project is Dmitri Tsvibel, coordinator of Jew’s Cultural Center in Petrozavodsk.

Ben Girsh.


The answer to the paragraph “Skinheads unite in a party” published in “The Karelian Courier”

Our organization is anxious about the development and popularity of skinhead’s movement in Karelia. Apparently, exactly this fact has become a reason for a Karelian skinheads’ representative to make a statement about the necessity of party construction and participation in elections. And if before the racists considered a marginal group, but today unfortunately such kind of groups appear more often.
“The serous movement” of Karelian skinheads contains accomplishing acts of vandalism at the Jew’s cemetery of Petrozavodsk, gluing the papers with Hitler’s portrayal, threatening to the Jews and the Caucasians and drawing the swastika at the garages and doors’ of basements. It’s easy to understand what kind of political program the “skin heads” will represent to the electorate. It is just enough to know their utopian slogan “Russia is for the Russians”! And if we imagine that as a reality just for a minute, what it will mean for multinational government? As a perfect solution, it will mean a peaceful separating of North Caucasus, Tatarstan, a part of Karelia and in general all national republics. From the other hand, at the worst, it will be a war of everybody against everybody. And it is a real political extremism! The society is ill, and many people understand that. That’s why such ideas have their own supporters, who are ready to unite. Often such kind of people with “own ideals” are used as means of mercenary motives by some political groups or criminal associations.
Unfortunately, the system of education in Karelia doesn’t oppose the xenophobia’s prejudices and development of nationalism among the youth in a proper way. So, such skinheads’ statements should make the society think of own ability to oppose the extremism and fascism of neo-Nazis.

Maxim Efimov, the chairman of the Karelian Department of the “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)”, the head of the Youth Anti-fascist Center.


Political extremism in modern Russia

This was the title of a lecture given by the professor of Saint-Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Karelian policemen. The lecture was organized by the Ministry and the Karelian branch of “The Youth Human Rights Group” and supported by “The Youth Human Rights Group”.



Free Petrozavodsk from fascist graffiti

March, 31, Karelian regional department of Interregional youth social & charity organization "Youth Human Rights Group" (YHRG) carried out an action of painting out fascist graffiti in the Jewish cemetery of Petrozavodsk. This is not the first time our organization arranges an action of such kind.



Down with racial discrimination

March, 21, on the International Day of Struggle against Racism (UNO, 1967) an action was held in Petrozavodsk entitled “STOP RACISM!” The astonished public witnessed a burning down of the effigies of “Race Discrimination” and “Mass Stereotype”. A folklore form was filled with modern content and expressed symbolically a protest against the proliferation of racist and nationalist ideologies in Karelia Russia and the whole world.



Discussion Club “Pro et Contra”

September 2004 may be considered the club’s official date of birth, when the first club meeting was held dedicated to the topic of modern higher education in Russia. Since then once a fortnight students from various departments of PetrSU and their teachers gather together to discuss topical problems. One of the club’s aims is to encourage intellectual communication between students and teachers which is in fact – at least theoretically – the aim of the young people going to the University. This is not it however. For many people the club is an opportunity to train the skills of formulating their ideas, express them before the public and bring to one’s consciousness what one feels.



What Happened in Beslan!

The monstrous attack in Beslan, Russia was an assault on the very things that are necessary for people to be able to live together as a society.



Long live Museum in memoriam of the victims of fascism!

After a long time hanging around the Karelian Museum in memoriam of the victims of fascism in honor of M. Colbet, created by young German death camps ex-prisoners has finally acquired a premises. Spacious room full of light still need some repairs but the creators of the Museum are happy by the very fact of getting something.



Swastikas away from our streets!

The action lasted for two hours and each participant had the opportunity to drive a brush over swastikas, some on a garage, some on an apartment building, some on a cafe, owned by a non-Russian, some on the children verandah serving as a skinhead den. It is there school 14 is situated with teachers and kids walking along the sports ground, no one bothering about the amount of the nazi graffiti all around them: “SKINHEAD”, “WHITE POWER”, “RNE” (Russian National Unity – an outlawed fascist party), “Russia for the Russians”, some of them absolutely unquotable.



German Schoolchildren Study Second World War History on Materials of a Karelian Museum

February, 5, Youth Anti-fascist center under the Museum in memoriam of the victims of fascism in honor of M. Kolbe hosted 10 & 11 grade German students of a private school. They comprised only a part of the students who came to Petrozavodsk from our brother city Tübingen on an exchange program. Their teacher Michael invited everybody to visit the anti-fascist museum & the center, but only few students proved to be interested in discussing such problems & visiting the exhibition on such topic.


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