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About us

Karelian regional branch of interregional youth non-governmental charity organization Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG) is an independent non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization officially registered June, 29, 2000 in Petrozavodsk.

Head of the organization: Maxim Efimov

Organization’s mission: Protection of human rights and building of a just democratic open civil society in Russia.

Main purposes of our activity:

  1. to contribute to the realization of human rights protection programs and support human rights protection movement;
  2. to support actively and realize youth education projects;
  3. to contribute to the development of non-profit human rights protection organizations and civil initiatives, in first place, those youth-oriented and proposed by youth;
  4. to maintain educational and civil activity for the prevention of the actions of fascism, nationalism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, extremism, nazism;
  5. to encourage the development of intellectual, cultural and spiritual potential of youth;
  6. to support actively anti-militarist, tolerance and peace movements;
  7. to defend democratic values.

Main Projects carried out by our Organization

«Civil Reception». Organization volunteers offered free legal assistance on the subjects of human and civil rights violation.

«Resistance». Drawing public attention to the problems of the proliferation of misanthropic nationalist prejudice in the society. Lessons in humanistic democratic tolerant consciousness given to schoolchildren of Petrozavodsk. Financial support by Barents Region Secretariat (Norway).

«School of Honest Journalism». Youth had a chance to get familiar with the basics of journalism and express their opinion in the pages of the bulletin “Zero Hour”.

«Xenophobia, racial discrimination and anti-Semitism in Russian Federation: public monitoring», within the framework of a European Union project “Public campaign for combating racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and ethnic discrimination in the multi-ethnic Russian Federation” supervised by Moscow Bureau for Human Rights.

«Performing democratic educational work and the work with the youth of Karelia». Financial Support by “Memory and Future Foundation” (Germany).

«Pro et Contra Discussion Club», the purpose of which is intellectual communication between students and their teachers in discussion of topical problems of the society.

«Tolerant behavior and consciousness and prevention of xenophobia, nationalism, anti-Semitism and neo-fascism among youth». Supported by a grant from Democracy Commission of US Embassy in Moscow.

«Lessons of Holocaust: a way to tolerance and civil activity». On material of Holocaust history the audience was told of the importance of human rights maintenance and protection of democratic values.

«All Different-All Equal». The goal of the project is to counter xenophobia, islamophobia, romaphobia and homophobia.

«Monitoring the situation of freedom of associations». The goal of the project is to elicit how the work of regional Departments of Federal Registration Service with NGO influences the realization of the right to freedom of associations. The research was held in the frames of the Moscow Helsinki Group project.

«YHRG Internet – TV». In the situation where freedom of speech is restricted we have found a way out. YHRG has created its own TV on the Internet. On our website we post videos, films interviews filmed by YHRG activists.

«Assistance of multifunctional human rights centers in Russia regions». The Moscow Helsinki Group project coordinator in Karelia. The objectives of the project are legal counseling, human rights monitoring, development of civil control system, educational activities, informational work, institutionalization of organizations activities, coalition work of organizations, support of new strategic directions in civil society development.

«Monitoring of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and sexual identity in Russia». Coordinator in Karelia of joint project of Russian LGBT-Net and the Moscow Helsinki Group. The subject of the monitoring is:

  • the legislative discrimination of sexual minority in Russia;
  • the discrimination of sexual minority and instigation to such discrimination from the direction of public agency and public-service institutions (including religious associations), mass media;
  • the state reaction on the demonstration of sexual minority discrimination;
  • discriminatory attitude toward sexual minority in law-enforcement practice of the government.

    «Monitoring of xenophobia, religion intolerance, social hatred and discrimination cases» in the year 2008 -2009 . In the frames of the Moscow Helsinki Group project.

    «Monitoring of social, economic and cultural rights». In the frames of the Moscow Helsinki Group project.

    Activists and volunteers participated in various trainings, seminars, conferences, contests, carried out activities of their own. A bulletin is being issued. A collection of articles “Democracy is My Choice” was published, as well as books: “Essays on modern racism”, “Novgorod the Great and Russian North”, “The Cosmos of Russian Festival”, a brochure “Islam and Tolerance”, collections of CDs with lectures by Karelian intellectuals and etc.

    YHRG members visited Germany, USA, Poland, Denmark, Holland, France, Finland, Switzerland, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania.


    185026. Petrozavodsk, box 17.


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