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Statements concerning Maxim Efimov` case

Supreme Court of Karelia overrules a court's decision to place M.Efimov into psychiatric hospital.
Is criticism of Orthodox "extremism"? Russian Court to Activist: You’re Crazy. Mr Maxim Efimov receives court order to be admitted to psychiatric hospital for examination. Crackdown Continues as Another Russian Activist and Blogger Faces Extremism Charges. Russian Federation: Risk of criminal prosecution of human rights defender Mr Maxim Efimov More...


Corruption as the main risk and challenge for leaders and managers in today's Russia?

On the way to modernization Russia faces both institutional and cultural challenges. More...


Students Speak of Human Rights

On the eve of the Students Day I was impatient to talk with these Students about human rights. There were just a couple of people in the audience of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of PetrSU. Apparently, the consequences of swine flu. Students did not “attract much attention”, so the discussion of the film "For Our and Your Freedom" on the activities of the Moscow Helsinki Group and the Soviet defenders was sluggish. For some reason most of the students were interested by the issue of how much money "Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)” has. I had to disappoint them – YHRG’s money always made even a cat laugh, and in the past few years the financial situation got even worse. More...


Young “Classic” Ilya Rastaturin

Ilya Rastaturin’s creativity is energetic, vital, dynamic, expressive and powerful. There are no people seen in his landscapes, as well as in those of Cezanne. His sceneries are desert - human vanity, meanness of human feeble efforts, smothering vampire anxiety – they should not spoil the picture of the grandeur of the universe. More...


Mission of Theatre Is Giving People Holiday

My train was speeding to Moscow. My fellow-travellers were two nice girlies – two actresses – one current, the other – future. We met, fell into talk. One of them, Natasha, promised to get free pass to an interesting performance. The day before the performance we got in touch. There was a choice: the premiere in a Moscow theatre, or “Zoyka’s flat” in the theatre “Hermitage”. I chose “Zoyka”. Now I regret, for I’ve fallen in love with Zoyka head over heels. The actress, playing her, struck my imagination. Her spectacular and sparkling play has a mind-traumatic impact. My heart skipped a beat and went pit-a-pat…


Magic realism of Moscow

Over three august weeks I spent in Moscow. I’ve never lingered on in the capital for so long before. But this time I was lucky. I was living, so to say, in “Tretyakov Gallery”: all around were paintings of the artists, who had won world glory, but who once were Soviet underground; the window overlooked MSU. Almost every day of my staying in the throned city was full of events. Indeed, Moscow is Babylon, there is everything for everyone here. But we need the best!


Justice Fair Or how to prevent president Medvedev’s mistakes on the civil servant high position assignments

Greeting the start of anti-corruption policy by the new president, we can hardly not to remind him and his presidential aids that corruption took its roots and prospers where so called solidarity prevails, where executive and judicative authorities accreted, where the same people hold major posts for great while, where decency and justice are replaced by impudence.


Xenophobia among the youth

On the 17th of September in the 3d school of Petrozavodsk there took place a seminar among the students of the 11th grade on the topic “Xenophobia among the youth”, organized by Petrozavodsk Electoral Support Centre and the Karelian Department of Youth Human Rights Group. The participants of the meeting discussed questions anyhow connected with the problem of xenophobia, indignity of human’s nationality or religion, immediate for many people.


What, what am I to blame?

From the memoirs of Savelyeva Lidia Vladimirovna (professor of KSPU, Petrozavodsk), who was born June 7, 1937 and faced the war in the city of Poltava in Ukraine. Approximately two months later the Germans occupied Poltava. It was a hot summer, and I remember very well, how the night after a thunderous roar of artillery a huge, covered with tarpaulin truck drove straight into our garden, threw a tight wooden fence, and crushed the bushes of long blooming dahlias. Loads of German soldiers jumped out of the truck. In a trice they stripped naked without any embarrassment, and began to bathe pouring water on each other from some large tuns that they had brought with them. I remember my childish amazement by these naked adults who were not ashamed, and for which there were no other people – neither women, nor children.


Theatrical masquerade as a way of introduction to the pure sense of being

We want to examine one of the many functions of masks, which helps to create the image of another person in theatre, as well as in other unusual forms of behavior. This image, in its turn, aims to involve the spectator to the supreme reality, turning it into the subject of philosophical intention and outstanding aesthetic experience by means of the twisted plots, kaleidoscopic changes of masks and topics, as well as other theatrical methods. We'll try to show the general nature of theatrical costumed performance and ritual, reversing mental gaze to the spheres remote from the earthly ones.


Russian actress – it is serious!

Fortune doesn’t often coddle me with meetings with great, outstanding people. After all, communication with them, an opportunity to breathe the same air with them, to touch their unique inner world is, from my point of view, the necessity of any person, who is looking for the sense of life. Such contacts leave their mark on the whole life. Man of art looks absolutely different – he radiates. He is a bearer of a special aura. Man of art values microcosm, inimitable existential in himself and in the others, esteems the highest values. And the sense of life is exactly in creation of your own world. But it is difficult to work on yourself, without having outstanding samples of individuality, geniuses and talents right in front of your eyes.


Our world is a spaceship

Several years ago I happened to visit Mission Control Center (MCC) in Korolev, and also, Russian State Scientific and Research Cosmonaut Training Centre named after Y. A. Gagarin. It is also called the Starry Town. The staff members of the centre gave our delegation a small introductory excursion for laymen. The centre itself consists of four buildings. We managed to visit two of them. I’ll focus a little bit more on the central building, which is already half national cosmonautics museum. And especially, because the main part of the excursion was in this part of the complex. On the ground floor in the corner of the hall there is a metal brownish monument to the first cosmonaut of the Earth. The right hand of the monument is raised and the countenance is serious. The famous smile, which is known all over the world is absent.


Excuse me, no smoking here!

Preventive Medicine Centre announced an unscheduled campaign for the youth “Give up smoking and win!”. Undoubtedly, Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG) supported it not only because I, its chairman, have idiosyncrasy when hearing the word “tobacco”, but also because smoking harms absolutely everyone: smokers and non-smokers! Participation of YHRG is in providing voluntary assistance by spreading information about the campaign and distributing the recently published by YHRG brochures “Behind the smokescreen. 14 dialogues about smoking and not only about it” among people requesting assistance in Preventive Medicine Centre. The authors of this useful and original brochure are V. M. Berstain, ex-substance abuse professional, and the caricaturist D. N. Moskin.


Sustention of culture – conservation and multiplication of life

The interview with the chairman of the Karelian department of Youth Human Rights Group Maxim Efimov.


What is a culturetrager?

Our correspondent is talking to the culturetrager Maxim Efimov.


Who is to blame for the youth radicalism?

In our country the powers that be have always been waning, what was expressed in their attitude to dissidence. Let’s remember Pushkin, who was exiled, Dostoevskiy, doomed to death penalty, Mandelshtam, who was rotted in prison for antistalinist poem, soviet dissident Sergey Grigoryants, who by a miracle survived in soviet prison, where he had got for publishing the bulletin “V”, with the truth about soviet reality. The power is alike in backward Latin America. Now-world-famous writer Paulo Coelho was sent to prison not even because he deliberately opposed the system, but just because he was writing songs, which some people considered revolutionary.


Who is to blame for the youth radicalism?

In our country the powers that be have always been waning, what was expressed in their attitude to dissidence. Let’s remember Pushkin, who was exiled, Dostoevskiy, doomed to death penalty, Mandelshtam, who was rotted in prison for antistalinist poem, soviet dissident Sergey Grigoryants, who by a miracle survived in soviet prison, where he had got for publishing the bulletin “V”, with the truth about soviet reality. The power is alike in backward Latin America. Now-world-famous writer Paulo Coelyo was sent to prison not even because he deliberately opposed the system, but just because he was writing songs, which some people considered revolutionary.


For an instant I appeared at the peak of a spiritual pyramid, became the God!

So in 2006 in my spiritual life have occurred important, I would say epoch-making, sign events.


Tobacco - it is the same drug

Karelian branch «Youth Human Rights Group» has addressed to deputies of Legislative Assembly of Karelia with the requirement of legislative fastening of effectual measures on struggle against tobacco. We continue the publication of articles on our site, devoted to the struggle against tobacco. Read Valentina Matvejchuk's article, the doctor-lung specialist in «The Republican centre of medical preventive maintenance».


Behind a smoke screen (14 dialogues about smoking and not only about it)

We are glad to publish the pamphlet of Vladimir Matveevich Bershtein, an old and great friend of our organization. He is always ready to help young people, offer them, to begin a dialogue with them, to appreciate irreproachability and firmness of their and own views, thanks to his life experience and accumulating wisdom. Because the contact with the young is always the examination of own solvency and maturity. He doesn`t teach young people, ignoring their individual qualities and inexperience, but values their personality, which in a process of growing. Vladimir Matveevich devoted his life to give a psychotherapeutic help to the youth. He has been leading TV programme “The Ether of Trust” on a karelian television for seven years. He consulted and continues to do it now. He carries out trainings with the youth, the goal of which is also to overcome the conflicts, which appear on the base of national hostility. He writes and reasons much about the problem of tolerance and national self consciousness. Vladimir Matveevich is a master of dialogue. He helps interlocutor to understand himself better and manage with his problems. Monologism is quite not native to him and this express the democratism of his personality. V.M. Bershtein exactly transforms in a passion of dispute and reasoning. His appearance causes an involuntary association with a biblical patriarch. Meeting with children equally, he impels them to think and they discover new in theirselves. I have a luck to acquaint with V.M. Bershtein. I feel his great attention and wise treatment to my inner world when I talk with him. In this process all contradictions disappear in the main, though people argue. A certain thinking meditative ecstasy appears! Do you remember the phrase “Ah, if there is somebody to talk with”? Here is it so important to meet a tactful interlocutor! The pamphlet is in a form of dialogue and it partly can substitute an animated contact with this remarkable specialist, with rare and witty interlocutor.
Maxim Efimov, the president of The Youth Human Rights Group Karelia


The educational system represents ignorance

To my mind, one known and very capacious word characterizes the status of our educational system precisely and adequately - catastrophe! A real catastrophe. I am striken with impreparation of my students, their ignorance by all parametres.


In what army who should and should not serve?

Discussion about Russian army.


I harbour friendly feelings almost to everyone

The last interview with Rashid Muradovich Kaplanov, the Candidate of History, a member of Europian Academy of Sciences (London), a chairman of academic council of the centre «Sefer». The Interview was led by Maxim Efimov. (The original version is here:


Whether Dostoevsky was antisemit?

An interview with Vladimir Nikolaevich Zaharov, the professor of philology Petrozavodsk State University


Brochure “Yours diverse”

Brochure “Yours diverse” is addressed to those who want to get more information about the social side of a phenomenon named “homosexualism” and to understand why people of a non-traditional sexual orientation are under the stigmatization and discrimination. The authors of the brochure put a fairy task in front of them – to resist the threat of the homophobia. We hope that after you read this brochure your alert or preconceived attitude towards the representatives of LGBT-society will change, if there was any; you will look in a new way at the old views and common stereotypes, you will go forward in your understanding of multiplicity of the human being and the world in whole.


Soberly about drunkenness

The text of anti-alkogolism brochure. The brochure is intended to resist involvement of the youth in consuming alcohol and to promote sober way of life. The authors of the brochure are a doctor of a drug and alcohol abuse clinic, a journalist, a businessman, a philosopher, public figures, a boat craftsman. “The people of our country, the youth among them, easily drink poison such as vodka und beer. Availability of the poison and lack of serious measures to prevent alcohol abuse has lead to the state when alcohol abuse has become not only the result, but the reason of many social problems. I will consider the intention to be successful , when it helps at least one young person to refuse alcohol once and for all !”, - says the chairman of YHRG Maxim Efimov.


Brutal face of Polish capitalism

I'm sending you my translation of the text of my dear friend and comrade Piotr Krzyzaniak, who faced severe reppressions for trade-unionist activity in Poland. This article has just been published in Trybuna Robotnicza (Workers' Tribune) weekly. Please colport it wherever you can, international solidarity is needed!


Whether Russian "elite" is elitist?

To speak about the elite in Russia is now fashionable and exciting. In the depths of Russian sociology and economic theory, an interesting and productive direction was generated, which is called "elitology". Among researchers of this subject it is possible to find famous and respected names of regional researchers as well as those from Moscow institutes, among who are O.I.Shkaratan, V.V.Radaev, O.E.Bessonov and others.



For the sake of our nation, Narcotism is a subject of my philosophical intention. Thinking about the problem of Narcotism, I expand and part this problem. I connect it with a problem of Tanatofilia. It is a great and fundamental correlation: if we speak about Narcotism, we should speak about a fatality for mankind, about a terrible will to nonexistence. Tanatofilia - Freud's term is a will to non-existence.


Philosophy of the life of prince Rashid-khan Kaplanov.

On November, 27th in 2007, a well-known scientist, a candidate of historical sciences Rashid Muradovich Kaplanov, a chairman of an Academic senatus of the Center " Sefer "died on his 59th year of life after a heavy illness (18.1.1949-27.11.2007.).


About ancient Russian stereotypes in culture. The attitude to people of another faith and foreigners (according to materials of interview recorded by Maxim Efimov).

The theme of attitude to people of another faith and foreigners is ancient , it goes back to the beginning of orthodoxy- to the epoch of baptizing of Russia during Prince Vladimir reigning. Historians rarely pay attention to the fact, that original Russian orthodoxy applied to traditional but very ancient sources to define their place in the world and to define the attitude to this world. These sources were defined by religious orthodoxian canon , and in the fist place , of course, by the works of fathers of the church. In ancient Russian orthodoxy three saints were honoured: Ioan Zlatoust, Vasiliy the Great and Grigoriy Theologian. Their sermons were bright polemic works , determined to define the place of Christian religion in the world, to define the attitude to main ideology and to other confessions in the world where the fathers of the church lived.


Stereotypes in people’s culture (according to materials of interview recorded by Maxim Efimov).

This phenomenon is well studied by ethnographs and sociologists phychologists and now philologist – linguists began to study stereotypes in people’s culture. Stereotype is the basic notion of people’s culture connected with tradition. Naturally, the tradition presupposes some stability, transmission of information in its original state from one generation to another.


National minorities and the xenophobia in the Ukraine: the sides of the problem

It was in the evening of the 8th of March, when refugee from Sierra Leone was killed by two unknown people behind the eyes of his fiancée near the market called “Obolon’’ in Kiev. Two young men in high laced up shoes attacked suddenly and acted violently. They delivered twenty knife blows to the refugee. Refugee`s belongings were not touched. It cannot be even doubted by the shouts of the young men while they were attacking that the crime was commited owing to ideology. Unfortunately it is not the single instance: the natives of Africa and Asia suffer from cruel racist aggression in increasing frequency on the streets of other Ukrainian cities as well. During the period of incomplete three months of 2008 several tens of people have already suffered; three persons died as a result of attacks.


The theory of conspiracy as an example of modern myth creating

In this article we shall speak about phenomenon of conspirological myth in our life, its psychological and social political features.


Anti-semitism in the ideology of contemporary Ukrainian nationalists

The Ukrainian nationalism remains in the Ukraine «the faith of minority» and is not the important political factor. Nevertheless there are political forces which actively propagandize the nationalistic views and by their appearances is caused resonance in the Ukrainian society. Contemporary nationalists do not pretend to the heritage of the predecessors of the first half of the twentieth century and they rarely use the term «nationalism» in the names of their organizations presenting their vision of ideology only in the program documents. This article is dedicated to the analysis of ideology of one of such forces - Ukrainian Conservative Party.


Do not compare Zionism with fascism

The Karelian department "Youth Human Rights group" considers the statements of the chairman of Spiritual management of Moslems of Karelia, mufti Visama Ali Bardvila, putting Zionism and fascism on the same level. This is incorrect and touches not only the feelings of Jews, but also Russians. To compare Zionism to fascism is simply absurd. Zionism does not pretend to eliminate all other people and never declared feeble efforts of genocide.


A word in defence of desertion

A Modern Russian Army



The UNITED secretariat has been monitoring the deadly results of "Fortress Europe" since 1993. The current "List of Death" counts already 11.105 refugees deaths cases, asylum seekers and migrants who lost their lives in the attempt to enter Europe or during state custody or detention. With these facts a powerful lobby and awareness-raising tool for the use in campaign actions all over Europe was created.





All those, who unlike

Sapfoue, Oscar Wilde, Marsel Prust, Petr Chaikovsky, Rudolf Nuriev, Nikolai Kluev, Sergei Paradganov… What do we know about them? They were notable for the grate talent, as well as theirs private life, theirs predilections in love matter. Nobody’s still able to guess this nature’s riddle. And could a man just explain why someone loves somebody? We are going to make just an attempt to understand and treat this feature tolerantly. How should traditional society apply to the sexual minority? If there’s any social dangerous in homophobia? I asked Maksim Efimov to answer these questions. M.E. is a human rights protector and a leader of the karelian department of the Youth Human Rights Group(YHRG).


International Conference "Remembrance as a commitment for peace, democracy and human rights" - Dresden, Germany

On 8-11 February 2008 Cultural Bureau of Saxony in cooperation with the municipality of Dresden and several German foundations has held the international conference "Remembrance as a commitment for peace, democracy and human rights". The main languages of any given event were English and German, the simultaneous translation of speeches was provided. The conference focused on contemporary dialogue on the value of history and identity in strengthening of peace, democracy and human rights in Europe. More then 90 delegates from various countries of Europe and from Israel participated in a conference. First two days of the event were held within the premises of Evangelical Reform Church, then, the next two days in the Cultural center of local Jewish community situated near by.


Professor Rashid Kaplanov

Russian historian who mastered 36 languages and did much to foster Jewish learning and culture Professor Rashid Kaplanov


Russian elections lack anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism has virtually disappeared from Russian politics, even among the country's ultra-right groups.


Q&A: 'Gypsies were the first Indian expatriates'

Valery Novoselsky has been active in international Roma movement. As the editor of Roma Virtual Network, an organisation that provides helpful information on Roma issues through the internet, he is trying to change perceptions about his people. Novoselsky was recently in the capital for a talk on the Roma (commonly referred to as Gypsies) in Europe and their ancestral relations with India. He spoke to Meenakshi Kumar:



It is not easy being an anti-fascist in Russia at the moment. We are under constant attack from racists and fascists and we receive little or no protection from the authorities. Several of our activists have been murdered in recent years and even when the attackers are caught they often walk free with suspended sentences.


My Belgium

An article about Maxim Efimov's first trip to Belgium.


TRANSITIONS ONLINE: Gangs: Vigilante Justice

Russian disdain for non-Slavs is misdirected. They ought to care more about a fair judicial system and good governance. ST. PETERSBURG, Russia | A man is a murderer when he cuts another man’s throat in a deliberate attack, right? But the question then arises: are the people that hold the victim’s feet, punch him, tie him up and prevent him from escaping also culpable in the crime? However obvious the answer may seem, regardless of forensic or legal expertise, a Russian court can often rule otherwise.



The first Russian Forum on Health or Tobacco convened in Moscow May 28-29, 2007, under the auspices of the State Duma and in collaboration with a broad array of international organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Union Against Cancer (UICC)...Bending Swords In To Plowshares. Whither Democracy?



Nearly a hundred human rights advocates representing dozens of NGOs and national human rights institutions gathered in Vienna, July 12-13. for the Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Protection and Promotion of Human Rights convened by the 56-nation Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Discussions were organized around three main topics: the role of national courts in promoting and protecting human rights; the role of civil society in addressing human rights violations; and, the role of national human rights institutions in promoting and protecting human rights.


I hardly kept myself on the edge of insanity

The article written by Maxim Efimov about his trip to Madrid.


Chekism: Its Genesis and Evolution. Culture and devilry. Dull Septennium

Let’s sum up what we know about Chekism.
The abbreviation Cheka is the bastard of the October revolution. But the phenomenon I call Chekism has deeper historical roots – the Bolsheviks made a latent pathology an explicit one, gave it the status of a norm. I think Chekism is connected with nihilism, which had variously shown itself in Russian history. The blood-thirstiness of Ivan the Terrible – the sadism of serfdom – Leninist concentration camps: here one can trace a single line, through which thanatophilia – an unconscious though incredibly powerful will towards non-being – shows itself.
Seven years of a new millennium elapsed. There is a good reason to tally up the total. In the Apocalypse seven is a number of fullness. Deplorably, our septennium shows no specter, neither gamut, only a single gray and dim continuum. There are my seven disappointments.



Culture and the State

I believe in Orphic mission of the Art. Remember? By the power of his art Orpheus defeated chaos in the world and in human soul. Orphic spirit was imminent in Alexandria, famous for its Museion. It was there where people were taught to love and understand Beauty. Now I could give humanity a unique Polymuseion. It is the cause of my whole life. I imagine my dream come into reality and see a large building housing a complex of my five museums, auditorium for lectures and a library. I will say briefly of the structure of Polymuseion.



I felt a Jew with Messianic Complex

Maxim Efimov in Israel




Presentation of Valery Novoselsky for the seminar on “Roma and media” within the frames of International Khamoro Festival, 1-2 June 2007



America’s Mission

Russian North – and the United States of America: there is an implicit but very deep analogy between them. These territories were settled by people, driven by the spirit of freedom. Disciples of Sergius of Radonezh played a huge role in the settlement of Russian North. They wanted to make our country a mirror of Holy Trinity, to teach people how to live inseparably and unmixedly, how on one hand to feel oneself part of a unity, on the other – to respect a separate personality. The dialectics of these contraries is the core of the principle of “sobornost’” (conciliarism or “symphonism” in terms of Russian philosopher Leo Karsavin).



As Chairman of the Helsinki Commission and as a past President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, I have had the pleasure of visiting Russia on numerous occasions and meeting with fellow parliamentarians from the Duma – some of whom, I understand, are with us today. ...



Pro & contra

My favorite poet Fyodor Tyutchev dreamt of a Pan-Slavic Union. We are still infinitely far from living up to his dream. Brother Slavs don’t want to be friends with us. The Ukraine is going to enter NATO. How can it be? The city where Russia accepted baptism turns away from Moscow. Let alone Prague and Warsaw. The capitals of two Slavic states are ready to host the US ABM. We could rage at it as long as we want, but we should pass from powerless fury to a sober analysis. Why they don’t love us? Why they don’t trust us and want to be protected against us? It is very important to see the problem from their point of view.



On the Nature of Sincerity

We can speak of two forms of sincerity:
- one proceeds from foolishness, when a person lets out what should be kept in silence;
- the other results from honesty and frankness.In his TV program “Real Politics” (April, 24, 2007) Gleb Pavlovsky was absolutely sincere. That’s the resume of his eloquence: Yeltsin was revolution, Putin is counter-revolution. The alternative was framed using the evaluation marks: Yeltsin was bad, Putin is good.



Ystävällinen, cool venäläinen

Venäjällä ollessa aina silloin tällöin tulee vastaan asioita, jotka suomalaiselle niin sanotusti pistävät silmään. Koska en ole Venäjällä ensimmäistä, vaan noin kolmattatoista kertaa, en törmää näihin uusiin piirteisiin enää joka päivä.




I would like to thank Freedom House for inviting me to speak at this important event. Freedom House has well earned its reputation as one of the foremost democracy-promoting organizations in the world. Moreover, Nations in Transit – whose 2007 edition this conference is launching – has become an indispensable source of information, measuring the advance of democratization around the globe. Thanks also to SAIS for co-hosting and my congratulations to you on the success of your Russia and Eurasian Studies Program.



How to bring up a citizen

In September, 2006, I visited the capital of Switzerland to take part in a training on civic consciousness supported by the Council of Europe and European Commission, which cooperate in the field of developing youth initiatives and informal junior education. Its work involves a huge number of organizations throughout Europe. Youth faces the same problems as adults, namely the realization of human rights values, civil activity, intercultural dialogue and cooperation, development of youth policies and respect towards cultural diversity. European civic consciousness means for me a commitment to the ideals and values of Europe, which were generated in the long history of European thought.



Citizenship is the characteristic of a European

I was really surprised to get an invitation to take part in the international training on citizenship. There were 80 candidates. But at last only 30 participants from 220 European countries got this chance. In September I enjoyed the Swiss sun, the Alps and the beautiful architecture of Bern. I was really in raptures with Bern and fully agree to the words of the British Queen, who compared it to the paradise.



Accepting Others, you Get the Whole World

There are not so many programmes on our TV, which we watch with pleasure. One of them is «Around the World».



Social violence and tolerance: reality and media images

Violence, extremism always were a part of the life of any society and any person, its external component. Violence is everywhere. Violence - is universal. Pedagogic, sex, commercials, family lives – all this includes violence. The analysis of the materials received during researches, lead by Independent Institute of Communication, shows the following: though the majority of Russians basically do not approve non-tolerate behavior and even negatively concern to the facts of unmotivated aggression, but at the same time almost 30% of our citizens do not see anything bad in this kind of behavior. Besides it is necessary to ascertain, that, not approving such behavior basically, many of our fellow citizens (from 33 % up to 42 %) often themselves make such non-tolerate acts.



Injections of Mind

An interview with Maxim Efimov, chairman of Karelian Branch of Youth Human Rights Group, editor of the Karelian anti-fascist bulletin “Hour Zero” (“Chas nol’”).
- I heard you called a Russophobe and blamed of hate towards your people…
- It’s a lie. I am anxious about my people, but I don’t want to share its mistakes. I don’t want people to lack civil rights. That’s why I try to change this situation and make my people see the light and stop being a slave. And if I call people slaves it is not because I hate them, but because I feel concerned about their lot and yearn to help them become free. It is a sober outlook without illusions.



The Remains of Stalinism Found Government and Justice in Modern Russia

March, 31, a civil action was launched by YHRG against the appalling and critical situation in Russian army. We advocated dismissal from office of the Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov, abolition of universal military service and called for contract-based military forces. In Germany, for instance, with its strong democratic traditions, human rights and liberties stand in the first place, that’s why for the Germans any obligatory service – military or civil – means a rude intervention into the life of a person and its plans and therefore, a violation of human rights. In the new Russia we still face the Soviet inertia, when a citizen is treated like a serf. We had got the local administration’s consent for the action beforehand.



Political Creed of “Youth Human Rights Group”: Juvenocracy and Invocation of the Varangians

The second idea is the invocation of the Varangians. The country is agonizing. We need an influx of fresh blood, fresh resources. And as sometimes the Novgorodians invoked the Varangians, who acted in their interests, so we today call for the foreigners to rule our country and revive it. We are no xenophobes. We are really tolerant people and we go further than our Novgorodian ancestors, inviting not only Europeans to our land, but as well the Asians, the representatives of the Arab world. A Russian is globally sympathetic. Let’s prove that indeed! We are not able today to solve our problems ourselves: raise agriculture, building infrastructure, health protection and education. Let us trust and support those who has achieved brilliant results in these fields – our neighbors all over the planet from the developed countries of the world! They are already helping us today, unlike the aboriginal governors, following their own primitive and selfish ends, punishing any healthy initiative and silly scroungers businessmen who don’t give a damn about social policy.



The way we played in fascists

In September I was invited by the Karelian branch of Youth Human Rights Group to give a few lessons to the pupils of the 8th and 9th forms of Petrozavodsk schools. The themes of the lessons touched such problems as racism, xenophobia, fascism, modern neo-fascism organization, values of different cultures and tolerance.




Many people concider that AIDS will never concern them and their relatives. They think that VHI is a problem of foreign countres. There are many other problems in Russia besides it. Till 1996 in our country had only been documented about some hundreds cases of disease and nobody was especially worried about it.But in the last 3 or 4 years the infection has been spreading over the whole country extremely guickly.



Nazi skinheads in modern Russia

Skinheads made their appearance in Russia in early 90s. In 1992 there was about a dozen skinheads in Moscow. They were keeping a low profile, were mostly busy with self-admiration and showing off in downtown Moscow. Original skinheads have come from apery practiced by teenagers as they were trying hard to imitate Western ways. They first became aware of Western skinheads at the time of perestroyka: during 1989-1991 the Soviet media had a vogue to write about British, German and later –Czech skinheads.



In Russia 2 millions children are alcoholics, 56 thousand from them are younger than 14 years!

Alcohol has taken a strong niche in a modern Russian society. Each seventh Russian is the alcoholic. For a long time there was habitual for us a picture of the drunk 13-years teenager with a bottle of beer in a hand in streets of city. Everyone speaks about this problem, but nobody accepts concrete measures.Each third teenager in the age of 12 years drinks beer, and in the age of 13 years - two from every three. Vodka and wine drink up to third of young people. Mass consumption of beer teenagers and youth begin on the average in 12 years, wine - in 15 years, vodka - in 16 years. Motives of the use of alcohol in this group basically were similar - " pleasant spending of time ", " being as all ", " feeling themselves the adult ", " desire to relax, or taking off a pressure".



My family as many others in Russia has come to know the dread of war & totalitarianism!

An Interview with Maxim Efimov, Head of the Youth Anti-fascist center, Chair of the Karelian regional department of Interregional youth social & charity organization “Youth Human Rights Group” (YHRG), editor of the anti-fascist bulletin “Zero o’clock”.



Is Russia for Russians?

Judging by the sociological surveys being made this nationalistic slogan is bothering more than a half of the country. There is nothing to be surprised with: it always has been common knowledge that people are trying to blame somebody else in their troubles. But what is the actual state of affairs? How much Russians are to be blamed in their troubles? It’s not a pleasure to think about it. On my point of view, nationalism is a hate that is trying to justify itself. But hate could never be justified; it never gets an ethic sanction to exist.



Neonazism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism in Karelia

Swastika, Nazi and xenophobic graffiti and leaflet on dwelling houses, graveyards, garages, fences, doorways and the other places of our town, that humiliate national dignity and are aimed at stimulating national, racial, religious hostility and hatred, had been usual things for a long time. People, passing by the attribute of the regime, that killed million of people, looked indifferently. Government also did not want to note the symptoms of aggravated social illness of the country that won the Nazi German many years ago! Only small groups of young enthusiasts fought with the manifestations of xenophobia in Petrozavodsk by colors and brushes.



“We shrug off laws which interdict our culture!”

Within the limits of project organized by Karelian department of “Youth Human Rights Group” and financed by “Memory and the Future” fund (Germany) professor of university of the Ministry of internal affairs in Saint-Petersburg M.M. Rodionov has visited Petrozavodsk. He has showed a magazine which was withdrawn from underground circulation by police. This “work” had been produced by Saint-Petersburg’s skinheads’ organization called loudly “Schultz 88”.



“Tolerance”, but in russian it is friendliness and understanding

There was a conversation with the reader of the chair of philosophy in Pertrozavodsk’s state university, whose name is V.A.Phillipova. She appears as a teacher in a project “The establishment of democratic and enlightener work and work with the youth of Karelia”.The project is supported by the german fund “ Memory and the future”.



"Skinheads” shoot

The wave of neo-Nazi massacres,that increases across all Russia recently, seems to have come to silent Petrozavodsk where “skinheads” are known only by hearsay. Hearings about mass slaughters ,that some short-haired young people in sports suits with stripes of the neo-Nazi contents arrange in night streets, have spread throughout city.



Employment rights protection

In my opinion protection of the youth employment rights is nowadays one of the most topical problems, if not actually the most topical one. Indeed, the first thing a University graduate faces is the clash between his expectations and reality. It is not just the matter of revaluating one’s abilities and skills, but also of the fact that the state is uninterested in the graduate’s further career and is reluctant, therefore, to protect him socially. The attempts are made, of course, to change the situation.




Small, but dangerous "slight war" goes at full speed in Petrozavodsk. "Informal" groups of youth have gathered together continuously many years behind a state university. Guys do not do anything particularly illegal. Admirers of "punk - rock", "alternative" and other tendecies of music simply communicate, "socialize" with each other.



Skinheads in contemporary Russia

Skinheads are participants of the radical nationalist youth movement adhering to the “white power” ideology – the ideology of “white fight” against the “aliens”. They consider themselves “soldiers of the Third World War in which the white race shall win or perish. Skinheads are fighting against “occupants” they believe all non-Aryans –Africans, Asians, natives of the Caucasus and the North – to be. Their goal is to drive all non-Russians away from Russia. At that their main rule is “The enemy does not have age, nor gender”. That is how they justify their attacks against women and children of “wrong” nationalities.




It would be quite possible to relate this story to the category of usual, household crimes, if there was not one essential circumstance. Those who has insulted and have not apologized, they were the Azerbaijanians, and those who were likely protecting the trambled honour of comrade, were Russian. In this connection the history began to get completely wild colouring. It has quickly acquired with hearings. And we already hear about one hundred of the Azerbaijanians who have attacked three courageous Russian guys which have not become puzzled and have finally repulsed the “ungirdled Caucasians”.




An interview with Efimov Maxim, chief of the Karelian Regional Department of Interregional Youth Public Charitable Organization “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)”.



Mass-media: the fourth authority or the fifth column?

It’s hardly wanted to protest against and argue about caught stamp of contemporary clip-time, only receiving video track and also about the fact of objective reality according to which we all live exceptionally in the media world. We protest against the common thought that, if some event is not broadcasted on TV, it doesn’t exist in real life. Nonetheless, everyday we see and hear the second reality edited by an unknown author.



Be not silent, when the rights are broken!

On December, 10th, in the international day of human rights, in Petrozavodsk the first took place a remedial march. A route passed from main case of Petrozavodsk State University up to a building of government RK. The organizer was the Karelian regional branch "Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)". The purpose of the action was to pay attention of a society to infringement of human rights, to call all for civil activity. The chosen motto isn’t accidental too: "Be not silent, when the rights are broken! " It was not sham, but display of real democracy and will of citizens.



A Nation Extermination

It was in the Middle Ages that the Church pinned the blame for the crucifixion of Jesus on the Jews though the execution was administered by the Romans. This nation has been persecuted since then. The Nazi ideology stated in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” of the superiority of the pure “Arian” race over the others started to act violently long before the II World War, in 1933 right after Hitler taking power. The Jews were withdrawn from civil service, from participating in cultural life, they were banned to marry people of German origin. Jewish children were prohibited to attend German schools.




Most of Jews usually try to do fine for thremselves what anti-Semitism is, just some hatred of them or something else, lying deeper. When do they ask such a poser? When they openly face some signs of it.There are quite many Jews in Karelia, especially in such centres as Petrozavodsk and Kondopoga. So there is a certain basis for anti-Semitism.



An American View of Russia

For most of my life, I never had any interest in the country of Russia, its people, language or culture. Like every other American attending school in the 1960's, I was taught that Russia was our enemy, to be feared, condemned, and avoided. Imagine my surprise when, in 1993, I became immersed in a project to aid the Russian people in the Republic of Chuvashia. I was happy to help with this project, having been in contact with a Russian pastor for about 2 years previously, and being told of the difficult circumstances of their lives. I was moved by compassion. But to actually travel into Russia was beyond my level of comfort.



“I Feel Sympathy for the American Nation!”

The ex-prisoners with the profoundest gratitude recall the day when they were liberated by the American troops. “I feel the most deep sympathy for all of the American nation, because this nation set us free from the terrible conditions of the death camp”, says ex-prisoner Zinaida Vladimirovna.



Shall Russia Stay Barracks?

Russia's Government and Defense Ministry have been recently drafting a bill to be introduced to the State Duma, repealing many social delays of military service and all those for students of higher and professional education. This bill implies that ALL students, young people having children or senior relatives are liable for military duty as well as people who have other grounds for delays.



The free person

Morning in San-Francisco.There are few people in the street. I was having a short walk through the streets running up...Suddenly a strange guy showed up in front of me. His exotic appearance struck me...


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