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Long live Museum in memoriam of the victims of fascism!

After a long time hanging around the Karelian Museum in memoriam of the victims of fascism in honor of M. Colbet, created by young German death camps ex-prisoners has finally acquired a premises. Spacious room full of light still need some repairs but the creators of the Museum are happy by the very fact of getting something. They have a place for their exhibitions today, which now may be a long-time one and available for a larger amount of people. They are now busy moving in, arranging all exhibits in order, refitting the damaged stands and making new ones. The stands in the walls occupy the space of the building’s interior which is no less than 160 square meters. A considerable part of the exhibition is devoted to Holocaust.
“Our Museum is well known not only in Karelia but far beyond its boundaries. No so long ago we were visited by a group of German movie-makers, working on a film about death camps ex-prisoners. They included a bit about the Museum into their film. It’s great that everybody is now free to visit us!”, said Vadim Nikolayevich Mizko, Chair of the Karelian Union of Young Ex-prisoners in German Death Camps. A really long and painful struggle for survival is won by the Museum. The crucial role in this victory was played by Nikolay Chernenko, the Republic’s Ministry of Social Care.
A Youth Anti-fascist Center starts functioning under the Museum, which is planning to launch a work with Schoolchildren and university students on proliferation of fascism, nationalism, xenophobia, intolerance, to conduct lectures, conferences, seminars, to issue a bulletin. The library is being collected and a Web-site designed ( We hope soon the Museum will open its doors to the visitors. Our address is: Petrozavodsk, ul, Pravdy, 36, floor 6.
Maxim Efimov,
Head of the Youth Anti-fascist Center.

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