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A boycott is declared to the soldier and the total shadowing the soldier is established

Aunt of the soldier applies to the Office of Public Prosecutor of Kaspysk city concerning the violation of her nephew’s right by commanders of the military unit 2372 almost every day. Disregarding the law the victim, Simonov E., hasn’t been relocated to another military unit. There is an escalation of the hate towards him trying to fight for his right. All the soldiers are forbidden to talk to him not to be beaten. A commander’s assistant of the costal base has announced: “all the meetings with the soldier are forbidden by the commander of the unit”. Though it must be authorized on Sundays. Only after Tatyana Alekseevna phoned the Chief Military Office of Public Prosecutor of RF and applied to the Military Office of Public Prosecutor of Kaspyisk city she was allowed to visit Eugeny for 40 minutes.
As the commander of the company Permagomedov ordered durin the visit Simonov was supervised by a mariner who was to inform about his every step to the commander personally. As soon as 40 minutes passed the mariner insisted on Eugeny To finish the meeting and get back to the military unit. Aunt is worried about the mental health of her nephew because “It’s a great pressure put upon him. He’s on the edge. He doesn’t believe he would ever be send to another military unit. Moreover he is frighten to suffer there the same. He won’t take anymore. Aunt blames Dobrohotov, the representative of Petrozavodsk mayoralty, for the military unit to feel free to do whatever they want.
Tatyana Alekseevna also suffers a lot. It is very difficult for her to remain in this kind of situation. “I wish him good, I fight for him but I’m not almighty and I’m exhausted”.
Youth Human Right Group has addressed The Commission of Human Rights at the President of the Russia Federation and the president himself as well as Federal Media.

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