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The action in August 2005 "Save the soldier from torture"

The action in August 2005 "Save the soldier from torture" Karelian Regional Department of the "Youth Human Rights Group" declares an urgent action to save the soldier of the regular military service who suffers torture, assault and humiliation in Dagestan in the military unit number 2372. The commander forbids the soldier to see his mother. The soldier has been punished with the second day of an order because an attendant lacked a candy. This attendant was a witness of the previous assault of the soldier in court. He refuses all his testimony now. Everything is organized to prevent mother to see her son and the injuries he got again. The commander of the military unit and the mariners are trying to suppress the soldier. Moreover, being victims mother and her son are made to become accused. Urgent actions are required!
Owing to impunity of the commanders and the mariners, idling inaction of the law enforcement body and other organizations we invoke everybody who condoles the family to help it by making a telephone call or sending a telegram with the demand to stop the jeer over the Karelian soldier and allow him to see his mother to the military unit. Address the Office of Public Prosecutor of Dagestan with the demand to investigate into the problem immediately and to institute criminal proceedings.
These are the telephone numbers of the main figures - officers of the 2372 military unit, where Simonov E.V. serves:
The commander of the Commandant's Company Pirmagomedov Vadim Keifulaevich - cell phone number: +79285160758
Acting as commander of the military unit Usupov Albert Mordisovich - nuber of the unit: 8(87246)32544
The assistant to the commander of the coastal base Krinev Aleksandr Valer' evich - cell phone: 89034242617
Testimony of the soldier: "The mariner M. Graf and the chief mariner M. Titovetc: forbade me to rest during the time established by the Charter of The Military Forces of the Russian Federation before getting the order, they forced me to make their beds, prepare their clothes before preparing mine. If was not in time with it I got a reprimand for the crumpled shirt and then beaten in the W.C. They suggested me not to sleep at night so that I could prepare my clothes for the next day. Moiseev A. asked if I wanted to commit suicide. I answered, no and got the kick into the face from Nikolaev P., then he stroke my head with a flask, Komarov hit my kidneys and Istomin - my back. One day Nikolaev P. didn't like my sight; he brought me to the W.C. and kicked my head and chest. Moreover, Nikolaev insisted on me to shave my head not to look like the others. It was done to humiliate me. In case I refuse he promised to beat me in a cruel way. We were on the stoop, he started to throttle me and to hit my head over the conditioner with the words "This is the prophylactics for you to make everything quickly". I told everything to the commander of the military unit Uchesov A.A. I claimed that I got tired from the treatment I suffer from the mariners and from his idling inaction. Istomin, Nikolaev, Moiseev can humiliate anyone who is weaker. They feel they are unpunished, they motivate it with "I want to!" They threaten me by murder after I finish my military service.

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