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“Youth Human Rights Group” fears for the life of the soldier.

Despite of starting a criminal case and recognition of the fact of not authorized behavior in the commandant’s company of the military unit 2372, where our fellow countryman Simonov E., who has became a victim of not authorized behavior, serves, The Karelian Regional Department of the “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG) expresses fear for the life of the soldier. The matter is that Simonov is still staying with those who beat and scoffed at him. Despite of the presence of representatives of the mayoralty of Petrozavodsk in Kaspiysk in military unit nervous, hostile psychological situation which can turn into uncontrollable aggression and fight with the heaviest consequences is forced. According to the Federal law « About the state protection of victims, witnesses and other participants of criminal legal proceedings » Simonov Eugeny Vladimirovich and also the second witness mariner Kompanets Nikolay Sergeevich should be immediately sent to an other military unit where their lives would be safe. This has not been made till now! It is impossible to guarantee that the beatings would not repeat again and the victim of the criminals the part of whom is also from Karelia would not surrender.
New details of the action of the Karelian Department of “Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)” “Save the soldier from torture”.
There are some improvements in the action of proceeding of beating Simonov E., the soldier recruited from Karelia. On the 15th of August Military Office of Public Prosecutor of the boundary body and the boundary troops of FSB in Dagestan republic making investigation has proved the fact of not following the military regulations in the commandant’s company of the military unit 2372. all the other facts mentioned by Simonov E. are to be checked up during the investigation.
However, the defenders of the soldier still don’t have the official report of a medical examination of Simonov after the previous fact of beating. There is a fear that the report could disappear or be vitiated.
The government of Karelia has submitted the application to Military Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.
A representative of the mayoralty and his colleague has arrived to Kaspiysk. They addressed the mayoralty of Kaspiysk to let them meet all the soldiers serving in the military unit 2372 from Karelia.
The federal publications: “Izvestiya” and “Moscowsky Komsomolets” got interested in the topic. We are waiting for the articles.
During the action the mother got several letters of support, including from the hieromonk of Finland. The two of colleagues of Simonov E. who beat him and extorted money are from Karelia as well: Papkovich S. and Moiseev A. But during the additional investigation they denied everything. The witnesses of the beatings are afraid to tell the truth.

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