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A decision of the public prosecutor is not a law: the mariner who informed us about non-authorized treatment towards him is still not sent to another military unit, where we could not guarantee his safety either.

Situation with the criminal case of Eugeny Simonov is getting more serious. Unfortunately, the visit of the two representatives of the mayoralty has not improved (more likely, the other way around, has worsened) life of the soldier who dared to promulgate the facts of not authorized behavior in the military unit 2372, Kaspyisk city and who decided to confront the criminal military system alone.
Oleg Latfullin, the chief of the mobilization mayoralty department, was guided by a master of sports on Greco-roman wrestling. Firstly, they addressed the municipal government with the request to visit the military unit and to talk to the soldiers recruited from Karelia and their commanders to prove the gravity of their intentions to help the soldier and his godmother to cope with the grievances. The representatives managed to found out many useful details which could help to solve the problem. “Do you know that Eugeny is not trusted to possess a weapon and that he is a drug addict?” – the representatives of mayoralty asked the aunt of the soldier who has been told so much lie, rumors and threads recently that one didn’t for the whole their life. Moreover, the two interrogated Karelian soldiers of the military unit and came to a conclusion that the soldiers are absolutely blameless because they didn’t confess in what they are already accused by the Office of Public Prosecutor. Just in case the representatives of the mayoralty have taken a word from these soldiers not to touch Simonov anymore otherwise they would come back and take a word once more.
Confidential conversations with the commander of the military unit who has been hiding the fats of beating and humiliating the mariners all the way posed good impression on the two visitors from Petrozavodsk. Finally the representatives of our mayoralty has visited aunt of the soldier who has been suffering during these two weeks a lot, not everybody could cope with that kind of emotions. The two were extremely surprised with events that actually were taking place in the military unit; they wished they had visited the woman earlier.
A soldier whose name the representatives wanted to know asked Simonov’s godmother: “Do you believe people that came here from your city? They told Eugeny not the thing they had told Popkovich S. and Moiseev A.: Don’t be afraid, we won’t forsake you”. And how are we to understand this? Is it “we will protect you from your victim”? This soldier is one more colleague of Eugeny Simonov, he is appealing for protection from non-authorized treatment to aunt of Simonov who left for Dagestan to save her nephew alone.
Eugeny and other witnesses are still not sent to another military unit according to the Federal law “About the state protection of victims, witnesses and other participants of criminal legal proceedings”. The worst script of succession of events can be proved in this situation. After the representatives of the mayoralty of Petrozavodsk came to Kaspyisk the threats of physical violence on the address of Simonov were renewed. Simonov has called and said that colleagues are going to contact a new military unit to agree on beating and humiliating Simonov there.
Davlet Alihanov, the deputy of The Legislative Assembly of Karelian Republic, made a telephone call to aunt of Simonov and promised to solve the problem of sending the soldier to another military unit immediately.
Moreover, some of the influential locals has promised to interfere.
Unfortunately, there are no actions on helping the soldier and his aunt from the part of the military commissariat of Karelia and the government of the republic. But we know about the contribution to solving the problem from the part of our mayor.

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