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The memory and the future

In April 2005 the Fund “The memory and the future”(FRG) supported a project of the Karelian branch of “Youth human rights group” (YHRG)- “regulation of democratic educational work and work with the Karelian youth” that is supposed to serve for understanding between nations, assistance in social justice, and reminding of the danger of totalitarian systems and tyranny. 5000 euros was singled out for these aims. Thank to the grant we succeeded to publish a collection of articles “Democracy- our choice”; to give a great number of lecturers, seminars, trainings for pupils, students and teachers; to release a movie on History of the Holocaust and many other things. Besides the leader of the YHRG in Karelia took part in the festival for the youth from Central and Easten Europe in Poland. Thank to the Fund our organization had an opportunity to broadcast our ideas and to involve more young people in our group, to implement our work at a new level, many famous scientists work with us. The Fund “The memory and the future” gave a helping hand to the Russian society in a difficult situation, when thoughts of Neofascism, Neonasism and xenophobia are widely spread. The Germans in comparison with us understand to what such tendencies and thoughts can lead to and have already led.

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