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More than 2 thousand signatures

During the action for S. Ivanov, the Russian Minister of Defense resignation, held in Petrozavodsk, we managed to collect more than 2 thousand signatures, which were later sent to the Kremlin. The signed up are the people of different religious and political beliefs, students, teachers, pupils, doctors, public men, military people. The reason of the turn to the President with such a demand was caused by the multiple facts of tortures and high death rate in army. Every year about 3 thousand young men die in army and about 5 thousand desert it because of beating and mockery. The country was shocked by the cynical reaction of S. Ivanov to the tragedy of A. Sychev. Obviously, the current Minister of Defense is not capable to change situation in the bud. We face systematical violation of constitutional rights and death of our citizens in the army. Unfortunately, due to the fact that army system is closed for publicity, the society cant guarantee army service control. Besides the number of army crimes is being hidden well, and people know nothing about what happens behind the wall, that separates a military unit and the city.
S. Ivanovís resign, abolition of conscription would let hope that the situation will change to the better, but until it happens we are to lose in non-military time and observe the freaks reproduction in society.
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