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“Novgorod the Great and Russian North”

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” has issued a book of the best friend of Karelian democratic youth, Doctor of philosophical Science, honored worker of science in the Russian Federation, poet Yuri Vladimirovich Linnik “Novgorod the Great and Russian North”. Burning wish for reading this book again and again is not going to be over. It helps to develop the things that we are lacking for such as thinking and immateriality. Novgorod the Great is the best example for living generations. In the history of our country many centuries ago there had been the Novgorod republic, democracy! Novgorod had been named Great because it had been able to perform unexpected, courageous in theirs quick wit and originality deeds. The citizens of Novgorod had been completely lacking of xenophobe. Though they had differed from each other in languages and customs they had no been foreigners within their society. When they called Varangians to rule over them the citizens had been ready to consider them equal. Due to the fact that Novgorod the Great had been an open system, it had bravely got past its points and had asked foreigners for help in hard times. The help had come in time. Varangians had acted only for the sake of Russians. In the book particularly is said about philosophy of self-denial, lessons of Novgorod’s holiness, ideas of Russian epics, Norman question and tolerance. All the book bears the imprint of outstanding and keen intellect Y.Linnik, is felt a tension of social temperament of the author who determines the sense of his work in this way: “Being an atheist I serve God… I want humans and nations to learn how to live undivided and separately in the image of the Ternary. This task has been set by Sergei Radonezhskii. I am following his covenant”.
Presentation of the book “Novgorod the Great and Russian North” will take place on the 11th of April at 3 p.m. in the National library of Karelia in the Pushkin street, 5. The book will be especially useful for the youth. Edition is 1000 copies. The book is distributed free of charge. Some of the copies will be delivered to libraries of Karelian republic. The book is published in the framework of “Arrangement of democratic enlightener’s work and work with youth in Karelia” project with the support of Fund “Memory and future” and also with the support of the grant vested by the Commission on democracy of the USA embassy in Moscow.

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