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Putin Must Influence the Deputies

On 7 April signatures against abolishing deferments of military service were gathered in Petrozavodsk. This action was initiated by The Youth Human Rights Group. They have managed to gather approximately one thousand signatures that will be sent to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.
At the moment a new law is carried out at the committee of defence, according to which they are planning to reduce the amount of deferments of military service, particularly for students and post-graduates. «Moreover, medical reasons for exempting from military service are going to be reconsidered, » the leader of The Youth Human Rights Group Maxim Efimov says. In his opinion denying deferments of military service will damage the state spiritually and intellectually. As a result our country may turn into a kind of military barracks.
« Military leaders are dreaming of the whole country marching and obeying to ridiculous orders, » Maxim Efimov says. Abolishment of deferments of military service is profitable for them. But it is criminal and futile in a post-industrial society.
The petition will be sent to the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin by the members of The Youth Human Rights Group in order to convince him to use all his power in the State Duma and not to allow such a law to be passed.

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