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Traffic in Petrozavodsk

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” is indignant at the decision of the “Trolleybus administration” about cutting down duration of trolleybuses’ traffic in Petrozavodsk. It is very inconvenient for citizens who return home late at night, do not have money for a taxi and have to wait for a long time for vans that are over-crowded. Artificially is being generated a public excitement. In chase of profits the “Trolleybus administration” has forgotten about people and their interests, has made a without-debate decision that infringes upon citizens’ rights and has not offered an alternative. Under conditions when the streets of Petrozavodsk are lit only by traffic lights and neon advertisements, taking into consideration high crime rate, depriving people of possibility of safe and quick home-coming is swinishness and devil-may-care attitude toward citizens. In both capitals of Russia public transport works till 1 a.m. In Denmark for example busses runs until it is late at night even in spite of the fact that sometimes the last run is used by a single passenger or runs empty at all. People’s welfare though! And what do we have? Self-seekers and scroungers are debating about free market, economic gain and super-profits and spiting upon people. How long? Petrozavodsk’s citizens for the umpteenth time found themselves outermost, humble and guilty without a guilt. We are demanding of new regulations of trolleybuses’ traffic: from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. for all the trolleybuses.

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