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Democracy-whose choice?

In April when the leader of “The youth human rights group” Maxim Efimov came to our school ¹9 to tell us about nationalism problems in Russia, I came across a small book quite by chance. (“Democracy- my choice”). This book is a collection of articles, different points of view about democracy in Russia.
The book is very interesting without any doubt. But after reading this book, it seems as if you become depressed: Do the Russian really need democracy in the country? More than half a book contains only points of view and articles by Maxim Efimov. That’s why the book seems to be “thin”. I must confess, Maxim is very interesting to listen to and his books are worth reading, but the book seems to be more “jolly” when it contains as many points of view as possible. To my point of view, the most interesting theme in the book is “The role of religion in the modern society”, and the point of view of Stanislav Rinkevich to be exact, who introduced himself as a “satanist”. No I am not a supporter of Satanism, but the article by Stas is noted from the others. He speaks straightforward: “The participants didn’t make me happy, I didn’t hear any interesting thoughts from them. The girl complained that she wasn’t told about the essence of all religions. It seems as if she came to the market and chose products.”
The book lacks lots of different points of view about democracy. Why not to listen to the Communists’ point of view about Democracy? A point of view of another person is also a point of view. It seems as if the authors of the articles introduce to us only one point of view.
In my opinion, the main thesis of the book is the last words in the book: “Damn them!” “They” means Russian authorities, that don’t want Russia to be a democratic country. Though according to the President’s words, we are still building Democracy. It reminds me of building a Communism society and we know what it can turn out to be.
I had such an impression that the main enemy of today’s elite (authority) is supposed to be the Democracy. And its main part- the civil society to be exact; that from time to time raises its head from the authoritive darkness. The main friends of the authority are force structures that break all meetings, “clowns” that try to fool people, and bureaucracy that doesn’t understand such terms as ‘pity’ and “sympathy”.
The book gives a cause for thinking. Maybe somebody after reading the book, can look at the world and surroundings in another way. Though the book has some downs, it is still good. But the book should be improved (especially mistakes and slips of the pen in the article “The life of the Russian language in the modern society”), but I hope that the book will make people think: do they really need democracy? What do we want to be: slaves of the totalitarian system or citizens of a free country? The choice has been made for you by somebody, but you can change it….
Misha Meshkov

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