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We strongly demands on banning any advertisement of cigarettes and alcohol!

The open letter to the major of Petrozavodsk V.N. Maslyakov.
Dear Victor Nikolayevich!
Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” strongly demands on banning any advertisement of cigarettes and alcohol both as huge stands along roads and in shop windows. In our opinion such advertisement forms psychological dependence on pernicious habits between the youth, is a guide of sick way of life which is based on regular drinking of beer or vodka and smoking. Instead of creating an attractive, useful and necessary healthy way of life our youth every day sees the same cheerless picture: photography of mixed bottles and cigar-butts with warning of the Ministry of Health.
In Scotland for example smoking is banned even in pubs and restaurants. As a method of struggle against bad habits we offer to fire from the city’s administration those officials who smoke or take alcohol drinks. We don’t want our city to be ruled by dependent and drunk people. Tobacco and alcohol are identical to drugs. Off drug addicts from the administration. We are asking you what you are really doing for the struggle against alcoholism and smoking in favorite Petrozavodsk?

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