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“Interethnic relations in Karelia and Russia”

On the 19th of May at 4 o’clock p.m. in the Republic center of national cultures (Lenina avenue, 2) Karelian department of the “Youth remedial group” jointly with Jewish and Moslem communes, KROO “Islam enlightenment” is holding a round-table discussion on topic: “Interethnic relations in Karelia and Russia”. It is planned to discuss the following questions:
1. The reasons of increase of xenophobia.
2. Practice and difficulties of adaptation of the 282 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
3. The language of enmity in the media advisory.
4. Nationalistic rhetoric in politics.
5. Using of “nationalistic resources” in elections.
6. Religious xenophobia.
7. Anti-Semitism and Islam phobia in Karelia. Experience of counteractions.
8. The possibility of realization of conscience liberty and tendencies in the State’s relations with religious confessions in the Russian Federation.
For the discussion are invited the public prosecutor of Petrozavodsk and representatives of the city’s administration. In the discussion will also take part the expert of the “Youth Human Rights Group” Alexander Lokshin. He is the Doctor of historical science, senior research assistant of the department of Israel study and Jewish Diaspora of the Institute of oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, associate professor of chair of Judaica in the Lomonosov’s Institute of countries of Asia and Africa of Moscow State University, the Member of Academic council of researchers and lecturers in the realm of Judaica “Sefer”, foreign member of the “Union of researchers in the realm of Judaica” in Germany. He had delivered lections as an invited professor in the universities of Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, Israel and Poland. Moreover he lectured in some of the Russian universities. All the interested in people are invited.

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