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Statement of the “Youth Human Rights Group” against police ineffective Russian state and structuring of vertical power!

Statement of the “Youth Human Rights Group” against police ineffective Russian state and structuring of vertical power!
We protest against political structure of our state as we consider it ineffective, unprofitable and anti-national. Tenacity of exaggerated bureaucracy, corruption, that has stricken all levels of the system, and monopoly to power make us appeal to people to regain consciousness, look with open eyes at the existent horror and say firm “NO” to the total system of police state.
We offer to balance credentials of all branches of power in constitution’s amendments in other words set going policy of checks and balances. Namely we consider necessary to vest county’s legislative body in dissolution of government and to retire chairman of the government of the Russian Federation by 3/4 votes from all the Federal assembly and also confine the President’s power. He is not supposed to have a right to dissolve State Duma, deflect distrust concerning government, appoint heads of regions. It is only possible for the head of the country to veto laws but there must retain veto’s overcoming by 2/3 from the number of members of Parliament.
Representatives of executive and judicial authority and the President are not supposed to have a right of legislative leadership because it leads to exchange of legislative branch by the President, the Court and the Government and to merging of power branches. Everyone must fries his eggs.
Clear separation of powers and functions will allow legislature establishment to be independent from executive authority, give voice to people’s interests and immediately be occupied with its direct duty. These amendments will also draw up relations between power branches in the spirit of competition and will make the system effective. It is necessary to separate the ruling and then people will be wielding power. The main evil of any system is monopoly. Divide and govern, citizen of Russia!
Moreover it is necessary to retrieve and embody in the fundamental law of the country direct national elections of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation independently from the country’s head’s decision. This will approach power to people and give them a chance to solve their problems within a region. Independence and strength of a subject of the Russian Federation will provide effectiveness of system of people’s state.
All the others Constitutional provisions should stay invariable.
People, save yourselves, be responsible for your fate and life of the nation! Politics is a too serious affair to entrust it to politicians only. The time has come to stand up from kneeling!

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