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“The Koran and Tolerance” and “Solving Social Problems in the Light of Islamic Beliefs”

The Karelian branch of the YHRG together with the KRPO Islamic Education and Spiritual Management of Karelian Muslims invite everyone to the presentation of DVD-disk with records of speeches by Visam Ali Bardvilla, Karelian mufti devoted to the issues “The Koran and Tolerance” and “Solving Social Problems in the Light of Islamic Beliefs”. Islam - is one of the most tolerant religions in the world. The mufti shares his opinion that religious tolerance lies in in roots of Islam. All the people are god creatures. The ethnic, anthropological and linguistic diversity is an issue of God plan and the source of mutual interest and conscious. According to one of the last Ayah of the Koran religion is a free choice, there is no for religious impose. The Koran encourages international marriage. There are a lot of stereotypes of Dhahran that have nothing in common with reality. Dhahran means diligence, self-development, mercy to the near and tolerance. Russians can learn from the Moslems how to avoid alcohol problems, to solve the issue of dirty money – the one gained from the alcohol sales tax. The sum of losses in this case is bigger than one of profits. Mufti speaks about just tax system, the reasons for army conflicts, maternity problems, and drug addiction, homosexuality and the ways out. He says these are sins, but all violent actions against them are not applicable.
The main reason of islamphobia is ignorance. “Talking to the mufti Visam Ali Bardvilla, a European educated man, I heard many useful ideas. He doesn’t escape today’s’ hot issues and offers his own way out. The mufti cares about the rise of xenophobia, poverty and social injustice. I hope that those who will see this presentation will change their attitude to Muslim culture. I believe to develop teens’ tolerance we should invite this man to schools and colleges as he can do much to moral education of children,”-this is an opinion of M. Efimov, the leader of YHRG.
The disk presentation will take place in mosque which is situated in Muezerskaya St.,100 on Thursday, May,25 at 3 p.m.

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