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Stop alcoholization and smoking.

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” appeals to Karelian youth for complete rejection of smoking and drinking alcohol including beer. We consider alcohol and tobacco industries to be one of the most terrible evils: personality and health are ruined, a man turns into an ugly moron, becomes a victim of dirty manipulations of all sorts of swindlers. Drunkenness is the worst form of escapism. It is a slow and painful decay. “I had never smoked and had renounced of alcohol. Now it is time for all to regain consciousness and begin to critically assess objective reality and transform it!” - says the leader of the “Youth Human Rights Group” Maxim Efimov. Social activity and sense of responsibility for all that is happening around are “a must”. It is peculiar only to healthy organisms. All the things that befuddle consciousness are dangerous. It refers both to drugs, alcohol and to wide-spread pseudo-patriotism that is a social doping, and also to state communicatory politics directed to duping citizens. If we get rid of any drug - we will begin to live without being cheated. Youth must put an end to centuries-old drunkenness in Russia. Viva sober mind and stout heart! Join us and renounce of a bottle if there are brains in your head instead of sawdust!

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