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Our new DVD-discs

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” in the context of the project about preventive measures against xenophobe, anti-Semitism, nationalism and with the purpose of tolerance education of the youth is realizing two DVD-discs with the speeches of the Doctor of historical science, senior research assistant of the department of Israel study and Jewish Diaspora of the Institute of oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, associate professor of chair of Judaica in the Lomonosov’s Institute of countries of Asia and Africa of Moscow State University, Alexander Lokshin who has recently been to Petrozavodk. In his speeches in front of pupils and students Professor touches on such topics as the rise of Israel State, the problem of anti-Semitism and xenophobe in modern Russia, if there is Jew’s fault in anti-Semitism, the root of anti-Semitism, lessons of the Holocaust - the path of tolerance and respect of human rights, historical and political reasons of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, critical perusal of A.I.Solzhenicin’s book “200 years together”. The discs are distributed in schools free of charge. The DVD’s are issued with financing of the Commission of democracy attached to the USA embassy in Moscow.

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