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Soaring in the “Creative flight”

From 19 to 23 of June on the base of the secondary school ¹7 in Petrozavodsk the “Youth Human Rights Group” arranges a summer school for teenagers from Solomennoe micro district.
During 5 days students of 8,9,10 classes will take part in role games, collective creative activity, trainings, watching and discussing movies, discussions, sport games, creative contests, project creation, holding thematic conversation lessons; furthermore they will visit Museum of regional ethnography, M. Kol’be Museum of the memory of the victims of the fascism. Every day will be devoted to different themes such as “Tolerance”, “Human rights”, “Civism”, “Ecology”, “Healthy way of life” etc.
Activists of the “Youth Human Rights Group” students of institutes of higher education of Petrozavodsk will be curators of the summer school. Through the play forms and discussions, interactive ways of conversation participants of the school will learn how to overcome different conflicts, understand and control their emotions, enlarge range of interests. They will learn how to organize their free time on their own, will understand the importance of observance of human rights and the danger of such phenomena as nationalism, xenophobia, Islam phobia, anti-Semitism, racism and all forms of discrimination. These factors in the aggregate with many others will help teenagers’ adaptation in society, their integration, personal and social development.
One of the results of the school is a teenager’s better socialization, he will become aware of the importance of his self-identification. Young people will have a chance to realize their ideas, creative and personal potential.
Some of the participants of the camp will be formed into a group of school activists. During the school year they will be organizing subject out-of-class activities, useful and pithy ways of spending time, they will learn about project activity and different forms of protection their rights.
Participants’ nourishment will be paid by the Petrozavodsk administration’s department in the matters of the youth that have already given to the school 7 000 rubles. The missing sum will be being searched by the members of the “Youth Human Rights Group”.
The press service of Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group”.

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