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“Motherland devours her children”

This summer on 8th of June committed suicide by throwing himself out from the ninth floor a soldier of the service in the army for a fixed period Kirill Grigor’ev that had been called up from Moscow and served in the administration of the information of the Ministry of Defense. In the death note he said that the reason of the suicide were the non-regulation relations. Here is the text of his death note. “I greet you, the readers of this letter. I’m Grigor’ev Kirill Borisovich born in 1987 and I am writing this death note because I’d like to dot one's i's. Now is about 9 pm Moscow time. I have been serving in the military unit 74213 since 30.06.05. Since 8.08.05 I have been commissioned to the Joint Staff where I have been working in GIS "Internet" under the management of 1st rank captain Nikolaev I.B. afterwards Lancov P.N. As commissioned soldiers we lived in commandant's headquarters under the command of colonel Berdigulov S.B. whose substitute was Danilov V.E. The commanding officer of my company was captain Chebotarev A.P. Well now in the order. I have information that Danilov B.E. took the bribes from soldiers (or their parents) to commission them. I have a comrade whom I won’t name for the known reasons that had given him a sum of money. Secondly Captain Chebotarev A.P. commanding officer of the 1st operational technical company has too many illegal departures. During summer almost all the company goes on a season work and the money they earn falls to headquarters share. By the way the 1st company’s foreman also gets money by letting soldiers leave warrant. For example, on the 30th I personally met a rank: Stepkin or Stepochkin (I don’t exactly remember his surname) and 2-3 people from which he takes about 5 thousand rubles per month. About bullying. When I was in commandant’s headquarters we had demobilized soldiers Shilov V.A., Kapitanov M., Baldin M. They forced us to bring them money, alcohol, cigarettes, cards of the instantaneous payment for the mobile services. If we refused they beat us to the exhaustion, intimidated and didn’t let us sleep. Moreover they beat us when they were drunken. We had to leave warrant illegally with the help of on duty officers in order to get some money by stealing or shooting (extorting money from passers-by). About bullying in a company. When I was directed to serve in the company I have already known how demobilized soldiers made low-order draft bring them money. I’m afraid I can’t go there. I have come to a conclusion that it is better to die than return there. There are some people like Sedih, Zemskov (the Senior Sergeant) that mercilessly beat low-order draft. I won’t go there, I will expire there…”
In connection with this tragic case and thousands similar cases Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” addresses an open letter to the deputies of the State Duma, members of the public chamber and personally to the President with a petition to make 8th of June the black day of the Russian calendar, the day of the yearly mourning, name it “The Day of Bullying”. We also send an open letter to Moscow citizens and personally to the major of Moscow Lyzhkov with a request to build a memorial complex in the place of Kirill Grigor’ev’s death in new Arbat street. The complex consists of three parts: a monument to Kirill Grigor’ev, the commemorative sign “Motherland devours her children”, a wall of memory with names of he soldiers that had died of the bullying in army. We call upon the President to issue an order to disband Russian army (except professional soldiers) and to abolish calling-up.
The press service of Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group”.

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