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The flag of the “Youth Human Rights Group”

Karelian department of the “Youth Human Rights Group” now has an own flag. Except heraldic signs another spread sign language is promissory notes or simply flags. Prototypes of flags appeared in the early times and were connected to the army. First of all they were used to unit and direct big groups of people. In this case the functional meaning of a flag retains because it unites the members of our organization and is irreplaceable in mass-meetings, helps to turn a crowd into an organized group that looks outstanding even from away. The flag is a square double-sided cloth. It consists of two equal horizontal stripes. The upper stripe is yellow and the lower one is red. There is a green rafter near the flag’s staff. Yellow color on the flag is one of the colors of Russian and international remedial movement. It is the color of a peculiar quarantine directed against fascism and xenophobia with the propose of protecting society against that contagion. Yellow is the color of importance of the actions and purposes of the “Youth Human Rights Group”. Red color means energy, youth, life and all the activity of the “Youth remedial group” is based on these things. The rafter means some peak, absolute height on what the man is raised. Moreover it expresses motto “The man is above all”. It is the aim and axiom that is at the heart the “Youth Human Rights Group” work. The green staff means youth and points at Karelia as the “green land”.

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