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Call for support against extreme-right and neo-fascist manifestations in Russia

On the Nov.4 in Moscow and in several other Russian towns massive demonstrations are planned by extreme right and neo-fascist groups under the slogans against illegal immigration and struggle for "the rights of native population".

The so-called Russian Marches are organized by the Movement against Illegal Immigration, infamous for initiating anti-Caucasian pogroms in the Karelian town of Kondopoga and trying to consolidate the far-right under a pretext of ³legitimate discussion² on immigration. They are joined by other neo-fascist groups, including those whose members are charged with murders and violent assaults on foreigners and antifascist activists.

We expect violent clashes from right-wing radicals with the police as well as attacks on migrants and non-Slavic population of Russia on this day. Antifascist protesters are a target as well, as they are determined to have counter-protests.

The police will resort to indiscretional violence. The authorities have promised to disperse any ³suspicious gatherings² and make no difference between neo-Nazis and antifascist protesters.

The scale of violence and the consequences of the Nov.4th in Russia are unpredictable.

We, as antifascists, ask for your support.

1) disseminate this letter and the appeal below (and attached to this letter) through your contacts, groups and networks, to the media in your countries and elsewhere. Feel free to modify the appeal;

2) organize and take part in solidarity actions with Russian antifascists;

3) protest in front of Russian embassies in your countries against the rise of extreme-right groups in Russia;

As the extreme-right groups have started to use the topic of illegal immigration to claim legitimacy and to copy western far-right parties, several antifascist groups, initiatives and activists have started to work to respond to their anti-immigrant rhetoric. The protests against the Russian March are just beginning of our work. We would be glad to know of your experiences, of your struggles and your initiatives in this field.

With antifascist greetings, the initiative group of antifascist counter-actions on November 4th

On November 4th 2006 in Russia massive demonstrations are planned by several extreme right and neo-fascist groups.
The so-called Russian March on the newly declared Day of National Unity follows last year's example when around 3000 people under the slogan «Russia against the Occupiers» marched through Moscow. Among the most noticeable participants was the Movement against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), which inherits the rhetoric of Western extreme right parties and tries to hide its xenophobic message under a pretext of «legitimate» discussion about immigration and "ethnic" criminality. The majority of the participants were Nazi skinheads who displayed Nazi salutes, stylized swastikas and shouted Nazi slogans. Among them were members of "Slavic Union", a radical neo-Nazi group, whose members are figurants of several criminal investigations into murders and violent assaults on foreigners and antifascist activists.
This year Movement against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) has officially declared the so-called Russian March as its priority and promises to mobilize more than 5000 participants in Moscow and hold similar actions in other parts of Russia. "Slavic Union², as well as other neo-Nazi groups, has also declared that they are determined to take part in the March.
This year the March was supported by at least 15 members of the Russian Parliament. Several MPs directly participated in the preparatory activities of the March in direct cooperation with the DPNI and other neo-fascist groups. All marches, including the Russian March, as well as several antifascist rallies were banned by city authorities. In response, the organizers of the Russian March declared that they will defy the ban and gather underground in a subway station, where it is impossible to disperse the large numbers of people. Outbursts of violence against minorities, as well as clashes with the police by extreme-right radicals are highly probable.
The only way the Russian state knows how to react to this is to use police measures, that are inadequate to the situation and target not only fascists and right-wing radicals, but also human rights and antifascist activists that are determined to have peaceful counter-demonstrations. The state has failed to react to the resurgence of extreme-right groups; rather it prefers to use them for its own political games and to channel discontent. Recent systematic discrimination against Georgians and anti-immigrant rhetoric, persecution of political opposition and calls from the President to support "the native population" as well as reluctant reactions to hate crimes clearly demonstrate that the state is to blame for the rise in xenophobia and growing influence of extreme-right groups.

We voice our concerns with the raising level of xenophobia, anti-immigrant rhetoric and growing influence of extreme-right groups in Russia which meet little or no reprisal from the authorities.

We consider it unacceptable that representatives of the authorities and the political establishment support and justify the activities of extreme-right groups and use xenophobic rhetoric.

We demand that the authorities of the Russian Federation increase their efforts to combat xenophobia, all forms of discrimination and manifestations of hatred.

We demand that the Russian authorities stop the practice of banning non-violent assemblies and allow for peaceful antifascist protests to take place.
UNITED E-NEWS 04/11/06: Call for support against extreme-right and neo-fascist manifestations in Russia - 4.11 - URGENT!

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