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"UNITED against Intolerance"

DESCRIPTION AND AIMS: Hate crimes: A hidden issue in Europe? Intolerance: Is extreme right taking over? Antisemitism and Islamophobia. A new fear factor?

Diversity is one of the clearest identities of Europe. The terrible history experienced by Europeans during the 20th century shows how important it is to preserve diversity as a positive value. Memory is one of the essential issues in forging a future. However there are those who work intensely to destroy our coexistence promoting hate against what they consider as different. Unfortunately the growth of intolerance is a fact around Europe.

Extreme right parties are gaining more and more space in democratic institutions; mainstream political parties use xenophobic populism in electoral tactics. Hate speech in action leads to violence against the most vulnerable people. All around the continent people have suffered because of this phenomenon. Moreover, neo-nazi and extreme right in general, have a pan-European vision and their capacity to act at European level has increased dramatically during the last years. Antiracist networking is therefore essential in order to tackle hate organisation and fight against intolerance.

The antiracism movement in Europe requires new approaches in our straggle against intolerance and hate. Racism is much deeper, more dangerous, and threatening than simply a question of ignorance or fear, as some apostles of apathy describing it.

During the conference we will analyse the current situation in Europe and prepare the best strategies to tackle hate speech and intolerance.

Panel discussions, debates, lectures, plenary sessions, political cafes, intercultural activities and information market are some of the methods we will use during the conference.
The following issues have been selected for debate in the plenary sessions and discussions during working groups:

A. Now and Here! Analysing and preventing hate crimes.
Data collection and gathering intelligence is a key issue while we need to reach a clear definition and law enforcement at European and national level.
B. Watch out! Right wing takes over.
Extreme right and neo-Nazi organisation increased their political influence. Meanwhile violence has increased against vulnerable collectives in society.
C. Open up! Perspectives of diversity: Multiculturalism, Interculturalism, Transculturalism.
How to manage diversity requires a discussion. The value of tolerance considered a positive and active machine against racism.
D. Fighting Fear! Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe
Most of the hate spread around Europe has to do with Antisemitism and Islamophobia. The fear factor is often connected with the hate factor.
E. Get involved! Policies for migrants and refugees
Migrant workers, people looking for life security are facing discrimination, xenophobia and difficulties related with integration and identity loss in Europe.
Conference prepared by:
* Kulturbüro Sachsen - Mobiles Beratungsteam (D)
* Movement Against Intolerance (E)
* MTP Oradea/Youth Action for Peace (RO)
* Nero e Non Solo - Caserta (I)
* People Against Racism (SK)
* Spanish Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bi & Transsexuals COLEGA (E)
* UNITED for Intercultural Action
* Youth League for Intercultural Cooperation (AZ)
With the support of:
* European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe
* Comunidad de Madrid (E)

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