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Romany in Karelia

For example, in a small Karelian village Uzheselga there lived a Romany woman. She was a healer and fortune-teller. Once an old lady was dying there. The doctors came, felt her thready pulse, made an injection, said they couldn't help, and that the old lady will not survive the night. When they were gone, a Romany woman came and proposed to lift the lady up for another 3 years. The relatives consented, and the morning after, when the emergency came to take the corpse to the morgue, they saw the old woman alive, doing her household chores. But after three years in the same day she died. They say she smelled of a dead body all this time.
The Romany are connected genetically with India. This nation bears the imprint of Indian philosophy. It is about the idea of Sansara -- the Eternal Returning of existence and of the endless flood of repeating incarnations. The Roma spirit combines the weariness of the everyday vanity and a silent desperation to get free from it. Everything goes wrong! It is the world without grace, without hope and God, a world full of darkness. Everything is wrong along the way of life, let alone the end of life. The Roma spirit appears when mind gives in, facing death. It is a heart-rending world-weariness.

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