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Stop smoking everywhere

Karelian Regional Department of „Youth Human Rights Group” has addressed the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin and the Ppresident of Russian Railways company Vladimir Yakunin with the demand to prohibid smoking on the trains and to take strong measures referring violators even up to imposing large fines and putting off the train.

The open letter addressed to the RF transport Minister Igor Levitin and the President of ”Russian Railways” company Vladimir Yakunin.
Dear Sirs!
In spite of positive changes in the work of Russian Railways, particularly, that relate to the equipment improvement, the problem of unwilling and very unpleasant neighbourhood of non-smokers with smokers onboard the Russian trains still has not been solved.
Year after year the problem keeps getting worse; there is an explosive increase in tobacco use: 65-75% of the population are smokers. The volume of tobacco output has increased up to 413 billion products and the consumption - up to 375 billion products in year 2006.
The fashion for tobacco still occurs among youngsters. No wonder that Russia is in the first place in the world by the number of smoking people. Smokers do not want to consider that they harm not only themselves, but also non – smokers. If in other conditions a non-smoker can avoid the contact with a smoker, he has no choice on a train. Non – smoker has to stand this odour, inbreathe, poisoning himself, harmful tobacco smoke, which permeates him through and cuts down years of life, since it contains a poisonous mix of benzol, formaldehyde, formonitrile. We would also like to remind that 90 % cases of lung cancer, 15-20% of cases of various forms of oncological diseases, 75% of chronic bronchitis and lung emphysema, 25% of cardiovascular diseases are caused by smoking. The average smoker dies 10 years earlier, passive smoking cuts 5 years of a person’s life. So, because of ignorance of Russian Railways that does not set any rules concerning smoking on the train carriages, trains are turned into gas chambers.
We are demanding that cardinal measures to protect the health and welfare of all non-smokers travelling by train be taken.
Tobacco is evil. We should have started to fight against it long ago. We encourage you not to it put off until tomorrow, but start to struggle with this bad habit by means of strict system of smoking forbidding rules. This, actually, will inevitably happen when Russia ratificates WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The convention has already been signed by 172 countries that recognize the harmful action of smoking on the health. Such phenomena as a man smoking onboard the train must cease to exist.
All compartments, “tamburs” (the passage areas between the carriages) ,toilets and outside parts of the trains should have signs such us “Smoking is Forbidden!” and frightening writings such as “Smoking kills! ” “No Smoking – Tobacco is death” with added below information about size of the fine that should be no less than in Europe – 300 euro. Gross violators must be put off the train.
We would like that you keep us informed about your plans regarding introducing these measures in the trains of Russian Railways.
Karelian Regional Department of „Youth Human Rights Group”

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