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Legalization of unisexual marriages

Maxim Efimov makes comments with reference to YHRG-Karelia in the Constitutional court: ęThe polarity of male and female is remained in a homosexual family, it is only camouflaged, and it has no direct morphological expression". Unisexual marriages are extrapolation of legislative base about monogamous marriages on menís and womenís couples. Gays and lesbians are labeled with this commodity brand, forming corresponding expectations. But if these sort of expectations have already been formed, it is necessary to satisfy these needs; everyone has the right for happiness. The recognition of unisexual marriages from the state and society will give unisexual couples some significant positions. Legalization of unisexual marriages takes them out of the sphere of damnable and into a zone of acceptability and normality. The unisexual family becomes a family in the full sense of the word because in this case they will be given an opportunity to adopt and bring up children. In Russia there is a huge quantity of orphans, these unloved? children just need parents, and for them it is not important if it ends up being two fathers or two mothers. Discrimination on account of sexual orientation of guardians is simply unacceptable. An important point is a legal security of partners: they can inherit property from each other, and in case of divorce they can halve it. Eventually, as a married couple they can take credits, a mortgage, etc. All these elements are extremely important in a household, significant for (normal)/straight? people, and at the same time legislation will demand minor alterations: marriage should be re-formed from being solely the union of a man and a woman into simply the union of two citizens, and thatís all! This sort of innovation will not change legislative base of the Russian Federation strongly and will not demand any additional financial injections. For millions of Russian citizens it will be an important political and symbolic gesture, which will be evidence of democratic character and tolerance of the state organs to sexual orientation of citizens of the country. The constitutional court, making a decision, should still be guided (except the Constitution of the Russian Federation) by the General declaration of human rights and Yogyakarta Principles which seize a wide spectrum of standards in the field of human rights and their applicability to questions of sexual orientation and gender identity. Yogyakarta Principles confirm that the top-priority duty of the state consists of maintenance guarantee of human rights. Thatís why we demand from the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation to cancel the norm of the family code as it obviously discriminates when the civil rights of people with homosexual orientation are concerned. The law and human rights should triumph despite widespread homophobia, the reason for which is the dehumanization of the Russian society which reached apogee. Today, up to impropriety, it is much spoken about a demographic problem in Russia, but having produced a biomass, we shall not solve a problem: the quality of citizens is more important than their quantity. But exactly this gives rise to doubts among many people. And what kind of children can today's narrow-minded, aggressive, ignorant and, as a rule, religious fanatics bring up? Only clones of themselves. A sexual minority does not ask a heterosexual majority for material aid; this requires understanding, tolerance, and a human and equal attitude to them, but even in such circumstances they are refused. It is necessary not to estimate - it is necessary to explain. And unfortunately this is beyond (the) comprehension of the majority.

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