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Say NO to the war in DRC, your contribution can help thousands of victims

Dear All
We need your support to save lives. Do whatever you may do to help congolese people to recover peace... United we can change the world! Read the small report and make it read. Consider yourself like a rescue worker who meet a child crying near his mother's corpse without a shelter,without food... without hope. What can be your temperature? What can you do?


United we can change the world!

The war in the eastern region of the democratic republic of congo is taking another image.

These eighteen years of troubles have been dominated by violence, crimes, lootings…

As noticed, this catastrophe has made around six million deaths due directly or indirectly to the war.

These statistics show that it is compared to the holocaust of Jews and yet the war is still continuing. It also recalls us that it is the most dangerous crime that never happens on earth.

The war is going on and has made 2 000 000 internal displaced people who have nothing to eat and no place to sleep.

According to some credible investigations; 8700 women have been victims of sexual abuse, 4200 children have been forced to enroll armed groups, 10 000 children are in bad nutrition conditions since January 2008.

Many cases of crimes have been reported and personally I have seen some victims or witness of assassination of the civilians.

19 idps camp have been destroyed and burnt by rebels seen that they were built in plastics.

Two weeks ago, 432 people have been assassinated by rebels in Kiwanja city, Ruthsuru territory and many others have been kidnapped for an unknown destination.

As you know I am a Rutshuru inhabitant, my family is there and I do not know how to go and see their situation.

In fact, the UN mission in DRC and the government are not able to protect civilians from violence because I think they are authors of these troubles in my country.

According to MONUC they have troop’s deficiency and need more help and for the government the army is not well trained and organized to defend the country.

Humanitarian operations are not possible first because its members are goals of rebels secondly insecurity.

Rebels do not want to see human rights activists and journalists to make sure their actions are not reported to the international opinion.

Done by Ilot Alphonse

Peace soldier

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