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Stop the violence!

Stop the violence! International Training Course Petrosani, 4-13 martie 2010

Stop the violence! Is a project implemented under Youth in Action programme, Action 3.1.b. Youth in the world. The project partners are representing 15 organisations and 30 participants, coming from 13 countries (Armenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine). A delegation of 5 persons representing the UN Office in Bucharest also participated in the project raising the total number of participants to 35. The project is an 8 days Training Course on the topic of communication and media and violence against women and human trafficking and took place in Petrosani, Romania.
The project idea was born during a FLARE network General Assembly during which a workshop was designated to the YiA programme and modalities of collaboration in the future. FLARE network which incorporates almost all the promoters from the project has as an objective fighting against transnational organized crime including human trafficking. As we consider necessary to undertake urgent and continuous preventive measures against human trafficking we decided to conduct a European level awareness raising and information campaign with the purpose of bringing the public attention on the issue.
The European level awareness raising campaign represents the final objective of the present project.
As specific objectives: we are pursuing to inform the participants regarding with the state-of-art of human trafficking at European level, the international legal instruments for fighting this type of organized crime, offering methods and info
and to develop participantís skills and abilities to create awareness raising and information campaign and
to offer them the possibility to share ideas and to develop their own instruments which they will use in their own community.

More than the main objectives we have some expected results like:
strengthening the cooperation inside FLARE network,
to extend the network to those countries and promoters represented in the project where we do not have members and our enlarging strategy sets the priorities.

In the training course the participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas on future projects or cooperation opportunities and we pursue that through the project the members of the network will get to know each other better and will develop their sense of being part in the FLARE network.

The project meets the objectives of the Youth in Action programme as it promotes active citizenship and encourages young people to take part in activities during and after the project in order to fight with the phenomena of violence against women and human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes and it fosters their European citizenship in particular by introducing to them different institutions which are cooperating at European level, like the Europol.
We foster the social cohesion of the participants and the highlight of cooperation in all the fields especially youth cooperation in order to be able to have an impact in our day to day life. It is of our interest to make the participants to understand that only by working together we can have a bigger impact at European and international level, that only by implemented commonly planned activities in our communities we can reach more public and we can have a greater visibility and impact.

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