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Karelia is the best mafia and corrupt region of Russia

- I would like to know still why I couldn`t see you in Petrozavodsk? Are you in a hospital or hiding?

- I decided to leave my city because it is unsafe to stay longer in Karelia. Russia is lawless and criminal state and everything could happen to me. I still can`t tell you where I am now.

- You told me on the phone that you bind your criminal case not only with the publication on the site, but basically with your human rights activity and criticism of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). What did you and your organization do that have caused such a reaction on the part of the ROC and the investigators?

- We criticized the ROC. We enough rigidly criticized the state authorities. We publicized criminal instances of judicial, prosecutorial, investigative, police outrage in Karelia. We talked about corruption. We defend human rights. In the end, the patience of the state mafia came to the end as well as a common sense. More information about our activities you can find on the sites of the organization:

- As I understand it, this is a precedent, why do you think it happened in Karelia?

- This is a very bad precedent. Being the innocent person I faced with a criminal case, night search, confiscation of the property and the decision to put me into the psychiatric hospital despite the fact that I am mentally healthy person. Despite this crazy situation I am still mentally healthy person. :) I know I am the only public figure in Karelia, a human rights activist and journalist who has not caved in, did not surrender, did not abandon declared over the years values: freedom, human rights, transparency, an open society, independence.

- Can you explain the story of the burnt church in Petrozavodsk? Were you nailed on charge to this fact?

- May 12 was adopted a resolution on forced me to the psychiatric hospital for examination. And on the night of 12 on May 13 Catherine Church in Petrozavodsk was burned. Some people have linked it with my unjust criminal prosecution, including employees of the center "E" of Karelia region Ministry of Internal Affairs. Detective interviewed me and offered to take a polygraph. I refused. No official charges, thank God, did not happen. Some people think that the church was set fire by the Federal Security Service.

- What kind of expressions in the article was considered as extremist?

- As far as I know, people in uniform puzzled innocuous from the standpoint of philology phrase "Orthodox breed/spawn". This words they considered as an insult. Now I need to apologize, repent, and to transfer 300,000 rubles for the construction of a new church. I think it's the legalized extortion and racketeering.

- Do you have any suggestions what will happen? Investigators will put you for the examination in the psychiatric hospital or the Supreme Court of Karelia will overturn the decision?

- I think the Supreme Court of the Republic of Karelia will dismiss the complaint. Federal Security Service will try to throw me in the loony bin. Federal Security Service (former KGB) is a criminal organization in Russia, which are controlled by no one. The situation is as follows: either I will recognized as criminal or insane, or my persecutors will sit on the dock. Clearly, the investigators do not want to become defendants in criminal cases. In general, I was faced with an organized criminal group, consisting of FSS officers, investigators, prosecutors, judges, psychiatrists. In Karelia i couldn`t defend myself in any way. Karelia - the best mafia and corrupt region of Russia.
Olga K.

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