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The former Soviet Gestapo prosecutes me!

- Do you have to hide from the investigators or you simply do not answer the calls?

- I'm in the unpleasant situation of harassment by security forces. It can be expected everything from them. The history of my country it proved many times. (NKVD / KGB - it was the Soviet Gestapo. Today's FSB - is the flesh of the Soviet penal system). In modern Russia punitive psychiatry revives again by the security services. For example, Petrozavodsk city court decided to restrict my freedom by forcibly placing me in the psychiatric hospital, and this happened despite the fact that I obviously need not such thing. Now I have four psychiatric examination, testifying to the fact that I am perfectly healthy. So I found it useful for me to leave Karelia region for a time. It's just not safe to stay there longer. I am dealing with the state mafia and the criminal organization called KGB .

- You wanted? What investigations are now underway?

- I have known from the lawyers that I was announced in the federal wanted list, although there are no reasons for this.
Were any attempts to forcibly put you into the hospital without waiting when the court decision will entry into force?
I suspect that May 12 was the intention to take me right out of the courtroom and drive me by the car of the investigator to the mental hospital. Several members of the FSB were constantly watching me, including in the courthouse. My attorney and i were actually taken under escort to the courthouse. But since the trial was public, they decided to postpone my placing in the psychiatric hospital.

- What are your plans and how long are you going to hide?

- I have a lot of work at home, but still I can not to do it, because at home I would not be safe. In addition, there it may be provocations and violence. In my address I already have received threats from Orthodox zealots. So while most sensible to stay away from Karelia, where the constitutional rights of my country, unfortunately, grossly violated. I believe that my action - this is not an escape from the battlefield, but escaped from prison. While the prosecution did not stop, I'm unlikely to come back.

Svetlana B.

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