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Investigators engaged in racketeering?

Many people are well aware that Russia is not a state respecting rule of law and human rights. It is the reason why any criticism of public authorities, including the Russian Orthodox Church, is perceived very painful, negative and inadequate. The Illegal prosecution me is a fresh example of this fact...
In the rare moments of clarification of their consciousness the investigators and officers of FSS (it is easy to mix with SS), it seems to me, understand that this criminal case is against the obviously innocent person. And then start another terrible thing well-known Russian businessmen who survived the 1990s as racket.
During a recent interview with a journalist who had spoken with the investigator Voronin the journalist told me that the investigator can stop the criminal case, if i comply with some terms, namely: I have to plead guilty (of a crime i did not commit! ), actively repent of the crime, creating a website for the glory of the ROC and give money for the construction of the church 300 000 (three hundred thousand)! I think it is a legalized extortion.

Maxim Efimov,
chair of Youth Human Rights Group of Karelia

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